Love Island’s Connor and Connagh did a personal appearance at a kebab shop

The queues were being held back by a security guard

Winter Love Islanders Connor and Connagh have hit the high heights of doing a kebab shop personal appearance.

It seems it’s been a bit slow for the winter Islanders so far, with none announcing full scale club tours or brand deals, but Connor and Connagh have been lapping it up giving fans free kebabs and getting pictures with them.

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The event was free and held at German Doner Kebab (GDK) in Ipswich. For two hours the boys were there meeting fans and giving out free food. GDK announced the event on their Instagram, saying: “Connor vs Connagh! Who’s your type on paper? Head down to our Ipswich restaurant tomorrow Saturday 1-3pm to meet them and get a free kebab too. Meaty!”

And the crowds were huge. A video shared on Instagram shows queues of people being held back by a security guard, with one girl urgently asking: “Are they in there?!” Swipe through the pics below to see the video:

Of course, they’re being rinsed on Twitter for their choice of promotions. But it pays the bills, right? How else are they going to stay relevant in this tough climate?

I mean, it looks pretty mad. The club tunes were on and the kebabs were out. It was going off.

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Connor and Connagh aren’t the first ex-Islanders to do a kebab shop meet and greet. Jess and Dom from Love Island 2017 were at the launch of German Doner Kebab in Leicester. 

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