Stormzy’s Instagram and Twitter accounts have suddenly disappeared

Let’s all pray he comes back

Last night a number of Stormzy’s fans reported they could no longer find his social media accounts. And upon further investigation it has been discovered Stormzy’s Twitter and Instagram accounts have been deleted.

It is unknown why the accounts have been deleted.

His accounts do not appear when you search on either Instagram or Twitter.

Just yesterday Stormzy was sent the first Greggs black card and wrote on Twitter that he had “peaked”. So maybe this is why he’s disappeared.

Stormzy also previously deleted his Twitter account in 2018 and gave no explantation then for deleting it.

Recently Stormzy has been involved with some major Twitter beef with Wiley. They both released a number of diss tracks and this weekend they were at it again.

Stormzy called Wiley “an old crackhead” and also shared the DMs he had received from Wiley after the feud in January. In the messages Wiley says how he wished the fight hadn’t ruined their friendship. Wiley wrote: “I hate myself for this. Just so you know” and Wiley also apologised.

However, Stormzy was not impressed by the DMs and called Wiley a “prick”.

Following the deletion of Stormzy’s Twitter, Wiley tweeted to say goodbye to Stormzy and to have a nice break. He said: “See ya later mike @stormzy until next time have a nice break”.

Let’s really hope this is just a break for Stormzy and he will be returning to social media because a LOT of people are struggling to cope. One Twitter user even said they will perish if Stormzy stays off Twitter for good.

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