These 21 memes about the Stormzy vs Wiley beef are as savage as their bars

‘Who tf is Stormzy and why is his willy on my timeline’

The Stormzy vs Wiley beef is heating up every day and the latest diss has created some savage memes.

The two started their feud on Twitter on New Year’s day over a series of tweets about Stormzy working with Ed Sheeran, who Wiley believes is just using grime to look good.

Stormzy called Wiley a “dinosaur”, a “fossil”, a “weirdo” and a “prick”. Stormzy also went on Radio 1 and said Wiley was like a ‘drunk uncle’ and that’s when it started to get serious.

Wiley released a diss track and Stormzy responded casually bringing Wiley down whilst nursing a brew.

Wiley THEN went in on Stormzy’s mum in his next track saying he was going to “rip that weave off her head”.

Last night Stormzy released ‘Still Disappointed’ and fully attacked Wiley’s supposed treatment of his own mother. Stormzy dissed Wiley on leaving his mum in Cyprus and wanted to start a petition to bring her back. He also called Wiley’s sister a “little bitch” and said there where “no real men in Wiley’s family”.

Stormzy gave Wiley 24 hours to reply.

The pair basically took over Twitter and were trending even more than Megan and Harry stepping down from the Royal family. The Stormzy vs Wiley feud has blessed the internet with loads of savage memes.

Here are the 21 most iconic Stormzy Wiley memes:


2. Just casually ending Wiley

3. Oh shit.

4. Can it get worse?

5. Stormzy and Wiley are just the warm up

6. The biggest round of “your mum” the internet has ever seen

7. What a time to British

8. And that’s the tea


10. Wow, savage.

11. Oh yeah he fucking went there


13. New track incoming

14. It’s…Rebekah Vardy’s account

15. Excellent

16. USA vs Iran?

17. You lower the bar when you bring the mums in

18. Wiley trying to cut us all deep

19. 2020 is WILD

20. I am in shock

21. I’m crying over here

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