Stormzy drops the Tracy Beaker theme tune into a new song and it slaps

This is the iconic pairing I need

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Stormzy has blessed us all today with his new album and he’s included the iconic theme song from Tracy Beaker.

The theme tune goes: “I can make my world come true, All my dreams will see me through” and ends with “Doesn’t matter what will come my way, Believe me now, I will win someday” is included at the end of his song “Superheroes”.

Skip to 3:09 to hear it.

Dani Hammer, aka, the actual Tracy Beaker tweeted earlier today to say thanks to Stormzy for pulling us all out of our misery.

The tweet read: “Aw thanks @stormzy that’s definitely cheered up what is a bloody gloomy day!!”

She also retweeted the guy who plays her care worker Mike, Connor Byrne, who is equally obsessed with the track.

Also, Mike said “sh*t”. I did not expect this from him.

Stormzy also appears to address the Maya Jama split in one of the new songs “Lessons”.

The second verse includes this gut wrenching lyric: “Fast forward now, my nephew’s still asking for his Auntie Maya, Guess this is the karma for what I done to Maya.”

Stormzy and Maya broke up earlier in August this year, with claims that they both wanted to work on their careers.

Love is dead, but at least we have Tracy Beaker.

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