These 25 Oscar memes are the real winners of last night’s awards

‘Timothee Chalamet giving you Sue Sylvester realness’

The Oscars always provides some quality memes. Remember the Meryl Streep reaction face? Iconic. Or when Nicole Kidman clapped like a seal back in 2017. Wow.

And this year we were not disappointed with the Internet reactions.  Billie Eilish’s face. Timothee Chalamet’s parking attendant outfit. Perfection. Yes Parasite took the best film award but Martin Scrosese nearly falling asleep to Eminem’s performance won our hearts.

The standout meme of the night had to be Billie Eilish reacting to Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig’s speech with an extremely questionable face which can definitely be applied to almost any situation.

Here are the best Oscar memes and reactions:

1.OK boomer

2. Oh ffs

3. Horrified

4. Um, sorry what??

5. Would watch this in a heart beat

6. Thank you Idina, Martin and Billie for supplying these looks

7. Who the hell is this guy?

8. Lol

9. All I need to be honest

10. How the hell am I going to spin this one?

11. Just off to sign my name to this 500 times

12. Get you a man who can do both

13. This literally looks a moment from an epic kids film

14. So original, what inspired this look?

15. Sue Sylvester has always been a vibe tbf

16. So proud of him on this historic day

17. This is just so rude

18. Iconic

19. Obsessed with this

20. Who’s a good doggo?

21. What is she doing here?

22. Like, can you imagine the disappointment

23. I did not need to see this image

24. Little Women was robbed

25. And finally, Harry Styles has found some new inspiration

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