Does your heart ever just go I love these 27 heart memes, cause mine does

‘Tesco meal deal’

You’ll probably have seen the viral tweet showing great love to the Tesco meal deal. Someone on Twitter shared a tweet which had the words “Tesco meal deal” surrounded with loads of butterfly and heart emojis and the caption “does ur heart ever just go”. And of course your heart does, because the Tesco meal deal is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century.

And since the tweet went viral everyone has been recreating it with their own ode to what they truly love.

Obviously people are being incredibly nauseating and using the format to say how much they love their friends, boyfriends, blah, blah, blah. But what we’re here to give love to the things that are actually worthy of adoration like pesto, Gemma Collins and mental stability.

Here are the 27 best “does your heart ever just go” tweets:

1.Nothing makes my heart skip more

2. No greater love

3. Mexican food forever

4. Ngl wish I was

5. Maeve Wiley is my God

6. IT’s all I want

7. So done with this whole degree thing

8. Sorry, but this is not a thing

9. It does indeed

10. Lol

11. For the vegans out there

12. Far too frequently

13. You’re tidy. I means it

14. Name me a better spread

15. Pesto and pasta, there is nothing greater

16. So refreshing

17. Gemma Collins is a national treasure

18. It sure does

19. The real love of 2020

20. Obvs.

21. God, I love Florence Pugh

22. Constant temptation

23. Sausages rolls are all I need

24. Wow, triggered but relatable

25. Not here for that potato discrimination

26. Vodka. Vodka. Vodka.

27. Never felt something so much

Featured Image credit: via Instagram @dominos_uk

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