These are the 23 best memes of the Dolly Parton Challenge so far

We’re all here for the Tinder pics

If you already thought Dolly Parton was a certified legend, then wait till you find out she unintentionally created the best meme of 2020 so far. The Dolly Parton Challenge.

Dolly posted on her Instagram a few days ago a picture of her with the caption “Get you a woman who can do it all”.

via Instagram @dollyparton

The picture shows Dolly in different looks depending on the social media platform. And let’s be honest, we all have very different personalities on each social media. Obviously LinkedIn for your most professional self. Facebook for the wholesome family approved you. Instagram for showing off your wonderful aesthetic life. And Tinder for thirst trapping and hopefully getting a shag.

Everyone has been making their own versions of the Dolly Parton Challenge. Celebrities were the first to jump on the bandwagon, which is a bit surprising, surely they don’t know what LinkedIn is? And now everyone from an Instagram famous dog to the National Portrait Gallery are joining in on the memes.

Dolly Parton really is a uniter of people and quite frankly the only thing getting me through January.

Here are the best of the Dolly Parton Challenges:

1. The Queen has Tinder?

via Instagram @graziauk

2. These are so accurate

via Instagram @glamourmag

3. This PUG

via Instagram @itsdougthepug

4. Every single Friends character

via Instagram @friends

via Instagram @friends

via Instagram @friends

via Instagram @friends

via Instagram @friends

via Instagram @friends

5. This botanical centre is getting rather cheeky

6.  Gordon clearly doesn’t want to leave anything to the imagination

via Instagram @gordongram

7. Obvs a parody and not at all accurate

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar aka Buffy

via Instagram @sarahmgeller

9. The meme has gone classical

10. Liam Hemsworth, or E! News creating it for Liam

via Instagram @enews

11. Has Jessica got her Instagram and Tinder pics the wrong way round?

12. Charlotte on her own, because she deserves a whole meme

via Instagram @everyoutiftonsatc

13. Of course Amy is Instagram

14. Terry Crews just sweats on all forms of social media

via Instagram @terrycrews

15. That’s all

16. Even the art world is joining in

17. I just love Jennifer Garner okay

via Instagram @jennifer.garner

18. Miley is fit in all of them tbh

via Instagram @mileycyrus

19. I actually want to be the girl in the Instagram pic

via Instagram @royalacademyarts

20. Thank you Kyle Maclachlan for the effort you have put in

via Instagram @kyle_maclachlan

21. Wow, oh wow Ovie

via Instagram @oviesoko

22. Timothée Chalamet works on all platforms

via Instagram @theststyle

23. Naomi out here winning the game

via Instagram @naomi

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