There’s even MORE pictures of Molly’s transformation before Love Island

I cannot get over this look

Last week we found old pictures of Molly Smith before she went on Love Island and her transformation was wild. Now, we’ve got even more pictures which show Molly looking quite different to before her time in the villa.

In the old pictures we found Molly looked quite similar to how she does now, but with different makeup and darker hair. However in these recently unearthed pics Molly is different.

This is Molly now:

via Instagram @mollysmith19

Her hair is blonde, her lips are full and her eyebrows are natural and thick.

And this is an old picture of Molly where she looks unrecognisable:

Her hair is blonde but more platinum and is incredibly straight and long. It could possibly be extensions? Her lips are still quite full and her eye makeup is very dark. She’s also no way near as tanned as she is in Love Island.

Here is a close up picture of Molly looking different:

Molly on right

Molly is obviously a lot younger in this picture and people’s appearance does naturally change as they get older. However, Molly’s teeth do look different and larger than they do now. Her eyebrows are thin and curved. Molly’s lips also look thinner.

And this is a picture of Molly we found last week which shows she’s had quite a transformation:

via Instagram @mollysmith19

Molly is on the right in this picture and it’s really difficult to see the resemblance to her now. Her hair is a lot darker, worn to the side and is a lot shorter. Molly’s eye makeup is heavier and her eyebrows are quite thin.

And this is Molly now:

via Instagram @mollysmith19

In this fresh faced picture Molly has thick eyebrows, medium length picture and plump lips.

Obviously she is stunning in every picture and the majority of her features changing is probably just down to growing up.

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