These pics of Love Islander Molly’s transformation will shock you to your core

She looks SO different

Molly Smith has been in the villa less than a week and she’s already bringing serious drama. She went after Callum in Casa Amour and now he’s taking her back the main villa. Which has been pretty boring until Molly showed up.

Oh and one more thing. Molly is fit. Seriously fit. Last night when she entered the villa with Callum everyone on Twitter was going mental for her purple two piece and joking it would ensure she wouldn’t be called a ‘deadting’ by Shaughna.

via ITV2

Since she first arrived on Casa Amour everyone has said she’s the fittest Islander of the series. Her Instagram is full of modelling shots and seriously hot selfies.

Now we’ve found old pictures of Molly which prove she’s always been hot and possible of ruining our self esteem.

This is Love Island Molly now post transformation:

via Instagram @mollysmith19

Long straight blonde hair, tanned, full lips and full eyebrows.

But a few years ago Molly looked a little different:

In this photo Molly’s still tanned but her hair is curlier and darker. Her lips and eyebrows are also a little bit thinner.

In this collage of Molly and her friend, Molly’s hair is curlier and darker. Her eyebrows are also a lot darker and thinner. Her lips look visibly fuller but it could also just be the way she’s pouting. She was also clearly a fan of darker eye makeup, featuring a very heavy eye shadow.

Molly’s body has clearly always been incredible. And she’s definitely partial to a red dress. In this photo her hair is styled in a more back combed look and she’s favouring the dark eye makeup and thin eyebrows.

Molly on the right. via Instagram @mollysmith19

In this picture of a night with a friend in 2017 Molly looks very different to how she does now. Her hair is a lot darker and she’s got a shorter hair cut. Her jaw also looks slightly more pointy, but that could be the angle of how she’s posing.

molly transformation love island casa amour

Molly in the centre. via Instagram @mollysmith19

On a dressed up night out with her mates, Molly’s hair is dead straight and she has gone very heavy with the eye makeup.

Molly Love island transformation

via Instagram @mollysmith19

In this picture with her brother from 2016, Molly looks very similar to now, just with more of a baby face.

And here is Molly post transformation in her Love Island promotional pic:

molly transformation love island

via ITV2

Her hair is long, straight and blonde. Molly’s eye makeup is very natural and her eyebrows are thick. And obviously her body is banging.

Love Island Molly’s transformation has proven she has always been undeniably gorgeous. Some people really do have it all.

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