This savage Insta is exposing influencers desperately trying to get the shot

It’s called influencers in the wild and it’s jokes

It’s always a bit cringe getting your mates to take photos of you. Yes, you want to impress your followers with something, whether it’s who you’re with, where you are or what you’re doing, but it always seems a bit awkward when there are other people there watching you fawn over your Sex on the Beach in a crowded bar. WITH the flash.

Some resort to the depths of Ballie Ballerson or Tonight Josephine to get their fix, where this horrible behaviour is not only tolerated but celebrated as part of the experience. Others will happily settle for a photo of them sat in front of their dinner at the latest rooftop bar to spring up in their city. However, there’s a group that have forever pushed the boundaries to their furthest extent – influencers.

Do you know what’s even more cringe than going to the ends of the earth to get the perfect Instagram shot? Being filmed going to the ends of the earth to get the perfect Instagram shot. Introducing influencersinthewild, the page that is dedicated to exposing people that are so un-self-aware, they’ll do anything to get the perfect Instagram photo.

There’s literally an Instagram page for rinsing every aspect of people’s behaviour on social media, from dodgy photoshop to drama on Depop, so as you can imagine this page has done v well, amassing over 1.2 million followers since starting in mid-January. All you need to do to get featured is submit your clips through the page’s website and then they get featured.

You’ve got to admit though that, above the tragedy of people behaving in this way, it’s definitely funny to watch people try so hard at something that ultimately matters so little. So, sit back and enjoy 23 of the absolute best (or worst) videos of influencers trying WAY too hard. If you make it to the end of this one we’ll be truly impressed:

1. *vomits*

2. Feel sorry for the bloke

3. Banging insta photo > life itself

4. Road closed to thru traffic ???

5. Omw 2 the funeral nan will be five mins


7. At least she’ll die doing what she loves x

8. Weird AND dangerous flex

9. Footage of me on my last all-inclusive


10. More creative than the average shot at least

11. Just eat your flippin food, lady

12. Classic pose, classic location, classic narcissism

13. The collateral from this awful practice has to STOP

14. Okay this isn’t okay

15. Urrr

16. Give this man a medal

17. The actual nerve to stop this guy from getting past

18. My man is hauling WAGON

19. Do people get embarrassed being outed like this?

20. Not what I expected at first

21. nooooo

22. Things that are not aesthetic

23. “This is terrorism” lmao

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