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This influencer photoshops the same clouds on her pictures and honestly what’s next?

Another day, another influencer exposed

Travel blogger Tupi Saravia is being called out for editing the same clouds onto her Instagram pictures.

The Argentinian blogger has just under 300k followers on Instagram and has shared photos of her in France, Portugal, Thailand and Uruguay.

Screenshots of Tupi's travel photos flooded Twitter because the sky looked identical in four different photos.

Tupi admitted to editing her photos and using apps to enhance them.

She told Cosmopolitan: "I’ve always been honest about using this app called Quickshot to help the composition of my photos.

"I never lied about it or underestimate my audience – you can actually see in my highlight stories (from a month ago) how I openly edit the sky in my pics, and I show a before / after.

"Maybe I just need to change the sky I pick – but I kinda like the one I use!"

She doesn't think she's done anything wrong by editing her photos for Instagram. She says they fit her "artistic vision."

She said: "The reality is that anyone who works from social media tries to brighten up the images they present to the world. I believe adding a few clouds It’s the most innocuous kind of compositing one could possibly do."

Tupi says she's always open with her followers about what she's posting. Well, I guess she's honest.

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