Sainsbury’s workers are saying their uniform looks just like Beyoncé’s new Ivy Park range

Clean up in Aisle 3

Just when you thought we’d already had enough drama to last a whole year in what has only been the first three weeks of 2020, it all kicks off again. This time, it is a Twitter spat of the ages, between two of the most unusual groups of people. This is an argument between fans of Sainsbury’s and fans of Beyoncé. Yup.

All of this started over the new Ivy Park release. Many likened its orange and burgundy colour scheme to that of the Sainsbury’s uniform, causing a plucky social media admin for Sainsbury’s to post the below tweet. It is captioned “Repping since 1869” and is complete with the hashtag #SainsBey:

Look at the photo below and tell me that they’re not at least a bit similar:

Before one could even utter the phrase “Taste The Difference fruity hot cross buns”, Twitter exploded. This argument encapsulated many responses from many diverse groups and walks of life, a few of which are below:

The memes

As soon as Sainsbury’s released their post, people were making stupid edits of Beyoncé at the supermarket, as well as rewording lyrics of hers:

The furious Beyoncé fans

Okay, so today we learnt that people really do take deep personal offence to what is clearly a lighthearted joke on Twitter – actually, we’ve always known this. What we should’ve known is that you shouldn’t fuck with a large fandom, especially the Beyoncé fandom, or the Beyhive as they like to be called. *sick face*

Imagine getting this triggered over a tweet by SAINSBURY’S.

The voices of reason

Just as I felt my brain cells start to violently decline, the voices of reason finally started to appear and weigh-in to give their opinion on the bizarre nature of this argument. Faith in Twitter, as well as brain capability, were quickly restored upon seeing that the following banged the most likes:

Karen from Sainsbury’s

Let’s just assume it was Karen that made and posted the original, as she’s been the most active in the comments. We’re big fans of Karen for her complete honesty and her ability to stand up in the face of a large and angry fandom. As you can see below, she dutifully spun the Beyoncé stans into further outrage:

The ex-employees

Just as this argument wasn’t already showing the hallmarks of a classic, the boomers came out of the woodwork to, as usual, share unwanted details that showed they had little understanding of what the original post was referring to:

At the end of the day, this was a bizarre argument and if you got involved in any other capacity than taking the piss out of this stupid situation then I don’t know what to say, get out of the house? The biggest winner here is Sainsbury’s, so props to Karen for smashing her job and making some good publicity. Let’s hope Karen gets ALL the Taste The Difference Pinot Grigios this evening – you deserve it.

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