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Rihanna lives in north west London and shops at Sainsbury’s?!?

Since WHEN????

OH MY GOD. Remember a few weeks ago when Rihanna did an Instagram story and there was a Sainsbury's bag for life in the background and everyone found it hilarious??? Well it turns out Rihanna lives in the UK?!

It was revealed in a New York Times interview that Rihanna moved to London earlier this year, after buying a house last summer.

Here is EVERYTHING we know about Rihanna's recent move to London:

She says she loves being able to 'walk around' without being noticed

When asked what she's come to appreciate since moving to London, Rihanna replied: "Walking round the block." She says she tries to "keep it a little incognito" when going for a walk.

She's moved to London to be closer to the Fenty team who are based in Paris and Italy

Rihanna's Fenty brand has recently branched out into fashion, so it makes sense for her to move over to Europe in order to be more involved with her business.

People think she's based in St John's Wood which is in north west London

According to The Sun, Rihanna bought a £7m mansion in north-west London last summer. And people are convinced it's in St John's Wood because she's neighbours with Paul McCartney:

A source told The Sun: "Paul favours peace and quiet instead of partying. He does a lot of recording and home and knows Rihanna is renowned for a life of excess.

"A couple of residents have heard rumours she may be planning a basement renovation which can take months to complete and will mean constant noise."

But others are still convinced she might be in Brixton for the culture

She shops in Sainsbury's, just like the rest of us!!

In her Instagram story last week, there was a "I'm strong but sturdy" Sainsbury's bag spotted in the background. Bet she has a Nectar card too!

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She said she loves the cute little Jamaican market near her home

In the New York Times interview Rihanna said: "The world can really make you believe that the wrong things are priority, and it makes you really miss the core of life, what it means to be alive. It could literally be walking outside in the sun. That makes me happy. Like going to the grocery store — you know, there’s a cute little Jamaican market near where I live right now."

Her boyfriend Hassan Jameel lives in London too!

Omg are things getting serious between them?!

Move over Liz, the real queen of England is here now.

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