Meet Amelia Tank: Olly Murs’ new girlfriend and champion bodybuilder

She’s clever and fit, sigh

Cuffing season is officially in session as Olly Murs has found a new girlfriend just in time for Christmas.

Olly has been quite unlucky in love over the last few years, having previously dated Francesca Thomas, as well as rumoured relationships with Love Islander Zara McDermott and presenter Melanie Sykes, but has now found Amelia Tank.

Olly confirmed yesterday he will spending Christmas with the 27-year-old body builder: “I’m going to spend some time with her really, it’s been amazing.

“I haven’t had a girlfriend for four years at Christmas, it’s been a bit lonely. So this year is going to be great.”

Whilst their relationship is currently quite private, here’s everything we know about the girl who has put an end to Olly’s lonely Christmases:

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She’s a 27-year-old champion body builder

Amelia Tank, nicknamed Tank the Bank, is a body builder who came first in the Bikini Tall and Miss Model category at the Miami Pro World Championships.

She also won the Bikini Babe Tall Class at the Pure Elite competition.

She lifts six days a week and does 15 minutes of cardio before work and then comes back after work to do 35 minutes of cardio three times a week. I’m tired just thinking about it.

She’s also a banker

As if being a body-builder wasn’t impressive enough, she’s also a banker at Lloyds Bank in the City.

She is reportedly so dedicated to her body building that she will eat hard boiled eggs in the middle of meetings.

She defo looks like she could be a contestant on The Apprentice Credit: SWNS

Olly pursued her on Instagram

Olly was said to have discovered the body builder on Instagram.

He slid into the DMs and they exchanged flirty messages before meeting up in a gym in Essex in July.

They’ve been dating ever since and reportedly went on a little summer break.

Credit: SWNS

They’re going to spend Christmas day with their separate families and then have their own Christmas together.

She has also made her Instagram private but has seven thousand followers.

She’s a fitness fanatic

Her diet is intense and exactly what you’d expect of a body builder, she eats lean chicken breast, fillet steak, sweet potato, brown rice, fruit, nuts and protein shakes.

She eats 1900 calories a day split over six meals.

In the height of competition season she will go to bed at 8:30pm to allow her muscles to recover.

Credit: SWNS

She’ll also skip out on family meet ups as there are too many food and drink distractions.

She says: “Every year my family hosts an Easter party and the first comp was two weeks before but I knew I would be surrounded by food and prosecco.

“There would be curry, plates of bread, a salad bar. It’s party food that I would have had if I didn’t compete.”

Oh and she ran the London marathon in 2013. No biggie.

Credit: SWNS

She’s incredibly organised and wants to inspire others to get into exercise

She has said her intense routine and meal prepping calms her: “When I have a busy day with back-to-back meetings you go for a session and it’s completely relaxing – it also separates home life from work life.

“I enjoy prepping meals and routines because it gives me focus and a plan – as it makes me feel like I have everything in order and puts my mind at peace.”

Olly is now majorly into his fitness, so they’re an incredibly well matched couple who can make us feel sh*t about our bodies, but at least he’s happy.

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