Deliveroo is doing 25 per cent off for Black Friday and I am suddenly v hungry

Gimme that sweet sweet discount

Since the very inception of Deliveroo we have all been spending ridiculous, shameful amounts of money on our takeaway habit and the money guilt is almost getting too much to bear.

But today, on Black Friday, you have a free pass to get Deliveroo and feel kind of alright about it – for once.

Deliveroo very rarely do discounts across multiple restaurants, but today you can get 25 per cent off at participating restaurants as part of their Black Friday offer.

If you open your Deliveroo app right now (well not right now, keep reading these instructions first) you should see a Black Friday offer above the restaurants list. If you click on that, it takes you to a list of all the participating restaurants where you can get 25% off when you spend £20.

If you're like me and you routinely spend at least £25 every time you order (you can justify that starter and side to yourself, of course you can), this will be easily achieved.

So go forth and order, guilt free. Get ready to feel heart palpitations as soon as you read "your food has been picked up and is on its way to you." Ah, bliss.

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