You can now shop PRIMARK on Amazon and get it delivered the NEXT DAY

My wallet is shaking

Primark is now available for next day delivery on Amazon, in case you'd become unfamiliar with the absolute end of your overdraft.

It's taken Amazon, a giant US corporation to fix one of British society's giant evils, as Primark itself doesn't actually have online shopping.

Plus, it's super easy. Just "Primark" as a brand and shop away. Or follow this link, which is a search on Amazon with Primark already selected.

At the moment, it seems to be a lot of Harry Potter and Disney stuff, but who cares? Not me.

Image may contain: Toy, Teddy Bear

For those after Groovy Chick socks, Gryffindor pyjamas, or Mickey Mouse duvets, it's Christmas come early.

If you want, you can even select Primark home. Jackpot.

Primark had previously announced click-and-collect was on the horizon, but it's yet to materialise. Although, frankly, what's the point now?

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