These are the unis making the most unconditional offers to students

You clowns! They’re not going to try in their A-levels

An unconditional offer is the stuff of dreams. Just kick back, fuck your A-levels up, and get into a good uni anyway. What could be better?

Unis, surely, are providing a valuable service to over-stressed students by letting them in regardless of how well they do.

Unless you listen to the papers, who say they're a bad thing. Apparently unconditional offers put pressure on students to accept offers from lesser unis, and cheat them out of the opportunity to work hard for their place.

But who are the worst culprits? The Sunday Times has crunched UCAS data for its Good University Guide 2020.

Two thirds of people who make Roehampton their firm choice have been given an unconditional, making the kind-of-but-not-really-in-London uni top of the table.

Sheffield Hallam and Kingston fall some way behind, but still dish out 40 per cent as unconditionals.

There are some academic powerhouses in the top 20 too, as league table legends Lancaster and Birmingham also feature.

Check out the top 20 below:

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Source: UCAS 2018 data on percentage of all offers that were unconditional for those making the university their firm choice.

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