Here’s how to recycle your old clothes without harming the planet

There’s life beyond the charity shop

The fast fashion industry is killing the planet.

If we're going to keep up buying tops for £3 and wearing them once, we're going to need to find better ways of recycling our clothing.

Five billion pounds of clothes go to landfill through the returns process alone, therefore it's vital we start chucking out our old clothes in a more ethical way.

Here's just some of the ways you can recycle your clothes without harming the planet:

Make a Depop account

Not only is Depop a great way to send clothes to a new owner, you can also make a bit of dolla doing so.

If you don't know, it's basically the love child of Instagram and Ebay. You post photos of clothes you want to sell on your insta style feed, set a price, then wait for the offers to come in.

You follow other accounts and there are even options to swap clothes with other users. It's entirely free to use and you can find some epic bargains on there.

Upcycle things you don't like anymore

Before getting rid of something you don't want anymore, think about whether you might be able to upcycle it into something new.

Adding patches to a denim jacket, cutting a t-shirt into a crop top, making a bandeau out of an old top, you could end up with a totally new piece of clothing for free.

There's loads of upcycling inspo online, so even if you're not a creative person it's totally within your reach.

Get the reGAIN app

Brands like Pretty Little Thing, Missguided and Boohoo have recently been promoting the reGAIN app.

You pack a minimum of 10 unwanted clothing items into a box, drop it off at a drop off point, it'll get picked up for free and you can unlock codes and discounts on selected websites.

It's super simple, you're saving money and your clothes are being responsibly repurposed. A winner.

Take unwanted clothes to H&M

H&M have been on the clothing recycling trend since all the way back in 2013 with their garment collecting service.

You can bring a bag of unwanted clothing to any store across the country in exchange for a £5 voucher to use in store or online.

They accept clothing of any brand, condition and material. Their website also promises that zero per cent of the clothes end up in a landfill, they will all be fully reused, reworn or recycled.

Hit up some charity shops

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I feel like charity shops have become cool when it comes to shopping, but I don't know many people beyond my mum who drops things off there.

There are multiple charity shops on every street up and down the country, and every one of them always welcomes donations.

When you're on your way to the shops or the supermarket, pop in to drop off your unwanted clothes and have a browse for bargains while you're there. Channel your inner Poppy Moore.

Look for local clothing banks

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Happy bank holiday eve everyone! We’ve definitely got the #FridayFeeling on this glorious day in London! ☀️ It’s just a few days away from #FashionRevolution week – a week that encourages us all to come together and push for a better #fashion industry! . As of today until 29th April our Bambi bank is at @oldspitalfieldsmarket for you to all use to donate any of your old/stained or simply unwanted clothes! Everything is welcome ♻️? . We are also hosting a meet and greet next Friday 26th here at 11:30-2pm with these two wonderful ladies – @venetiafalconer & @apatronne! You’ll be able to chat to them about all things fashion/sustainability/life and a chance to swap a few items if you wish – but please note there is limited space and only a couple of rails! Let us know if you’ll be joining us – we can’t wait to (hopefully) see lots of you there ? . . . . . . . #LoveNotLandfill #Fashion #SaveClothes #NeverBinClothes #SecondhandFirst #fashionpost #ClothesBank #Sustainability #SustainableFashion #SlowFashion #Conscious #Mindful #PlanetFirst #FashionRevolutionWeek2019

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Using the Recycle Now website, you can find out where your nearest clothing banks and other clothes recycling services are.

If you live in and around London, Love Not Landfill are a group who aim to reduce the number of clothes being sent to landfills. They have various clothing banks around the city, they look pretty swanky too.

Follow their insta for information about upcoming events and pop-ups around the city.

Get swapping with friends

Pal complimented your dress, not going to wear it again? Give it to them!

Plan a dual wardrobe clear out, then bring all your unwanted clothes together and swap to your heart's content. When you're done, you'll have a buddy to help you recycle the leftover clothes economically.

Make an evening of it, get all your mates together so there's more swapping options, and add wine. Everything is more fun with wine. You'll end the night with a new wardrobe for free.

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