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It’s official: These are the hardest unis to get into in the UK

If you’re not on this list you’re tinpot

I bet you'd all been thinking Oxford and Cambridge were the hardest unis in the country to get into. You're wrong.

The Tab crunched some UCAS data and found out who had the lowest rate of acceptances in 2018.

Turns out it's St Andrews. Only 9 per cent of people who apply to pretend to be Kate and Wills get accepted.

The Scottish stalwart is closely followed by LSE, who accept 9.05 per cent of applicants. Niche Londoners St George's and Soas round off the top four.

In fact, a whopping.15 per cent of Oxford applicants get accepted, whilst 18.48 per cent of Cambridge (who don't even make the list) applicants get accepted. Just send a few forms in under different names, you're sure to get in.

How hard is it to get into your uni? Find out below:

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