Revealed: The unis with the fittest students

THIS is what you needed to know

Congratulations. You got into the uni you always dreamed about. What's that? Nobody's fit? If only you had this ranking.

Natwest have ranked the universities of the UK by how much their students spend on getting fit each month.

Stirling students are the fittest in the country, spending £14.70 a month on the gym and sports.

In a triumph for Scotland, Aberdeen are hot on their heels, spending £12.70 each month.

Rounding out the fitness top three are London students, who spend a lovely £12 every month (on average).

Meanwhile, students in Brighton and Belfast need to up their game. They're bottom of the table, spending only £5.70 and £6.40 respectively.

How fit are students at your uni? Find out below:

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