The unis where students spend the most on a night out, ranked

Fairplay to Liverpool students here

Everyone at an objectively terrible uni in a bleak, grey city tries to justify their pathetic choice by claiming that "well, the nights out are cheap".

It wore thin many years ago. It needs debunking. What better way to call Gary (always a shit name for a shit uni) out on his bullshit.

So. Statistically, Natwest have surveyed students.

London aren't even the top spot. Even with all their £8 pints, they somehow don't spend more than Liverpool and Belfast students. Outstanding effort.

Durham students spend the least on a night out. This is because a) they have those weird Harry Potter bars where pints cost less than £2 and b) your average Durham student has no concept of money.

How much are students at your uni spending on a night out? Find out below:

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