These are all the celebrities you wouldn’t expect to be vegan

Zac Efron swears by a plant-based diet

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Is it the morally righteous glow that makes our vegetarian and vegan mates look flawless? Nope. It's the health benefits of giving up your McDonald's Quarter Pounder. And maybe that also explains why some of the most recognisable sports-stars and actors are glowing also, thanks to now being vegan celebrities.

With over 500,000 of us in the UK turning to to veganism, a few of our favourite celebs are leading the campaign to protect out four-legged friends.

These are some of the surprising famous people in our lives who have become vegan celebrities:

Lewis Hamilton

A five-time Formula One champion, Lewis Hamilton's Instagram bio is: '? Based Diet. Love Animals' – obviously. His page is filled with snaps of his adorable bulldogs Roscoe and Coco, they even have their own Instagram!!

Venus Williams

After she was diagnosed with autoimmune disease, Venus Williams decided to switch to a plant-based diet to get her protein and she claims it changed her life. If veggies can give a four-time Olympic champion enough energy, it's good enough for us. switched to a vegan diet last year and got #VGANG trending after speaking about his compassion for animals on social media. The rapper and record producer has also spoken about health benefits he's experienced since adopting the diet such as weight loss and lower cholesterol.

Peter Dinklage

Oh, yeah. All those scenes where were saw Tyrion Lannister chomping on meat in GoT? Tofu. Dinklage has been a vegan for many years and audiences can't tell if the meat on-screen is the real deal or a substitute.

Woody Harrelson

Vegan since 24, Woody Harrelson is also an advocate for a raw food, believing that, in order to get the most nutrients, veggies, fruit and nuts should be eaten in their natural form.

Benedict Cumberbatch

Pictured with fellow veggie-lover above, Benedict Cumberbatch was crowned PETA's Most Beautiful Vegan in 2018. He revealed that his diet is strictly plant-based when a reporter asked if he had to eat anything "gross" to get into shape for Avengers. Cumberbatch replied: "No, no – well, I eat a plant-based diet".

Zac Efron

Everyone's pre-teen crush, High School Musical heart-throb, Zac Efron credits his fit physique to his vegan diet. Speaking to Teen Vogue, he raves about veganism's benefits: "[Veganism] completely changed the way that my body works, and the way that I metabolise food, the way it turns into energy, the way that I sleep. It's been brilliant."

India Reynolds

Love Island 2019 contestant and model India Reynolds was described as "a sexy vegan chef" when she entered the villa this year. She has said that she wants to open "a little vegan cafe" at some point in the future.

Simon Cowell

Major music mogul and frenemy of our TV screens, Simon Cowell switched to plant-based products earlier this year "on a whim". He credits his dramatic 1.5 stone weight loss to his new diet.

David Haye

The British boxer is another athlete who credits their physical well-being to their veggie diet. "A lot of the meat that people eat has been genetically modified [..] so cutting it out made me feel immediately better and stronger than ever."

Ariana Grande

Probably not a huge surprise. Switching to a vegan diet in 2013, Ariana Grande admits that eating out can be hard as a vegan but it's worth it for the animal-lover. In an interview with the Mirror she said: "I love animals more than I love most people, not kidding".

Mike Tyson

Speaking to Fox News, Mike Tyson, who has been vegan since 2010, said: "I wish I was born this way […] When you find out about the processed stuff you have been eating. I wonder why I was crazy all those years."

Jason Mraz

Glorified wedding singer Jason Mraz lives on an avocado farm in San Diego. He is an advocate for the raw food diet which he adopted a couple of years ago.

Meghan Markle… kind of

Despite rumours of raising Archie as a vegan, Megan doesn't seem to stick to a particularly strict vegan diet, pictured recently with Michelle Obama eating a definitely non-vegan meal. Apparently, she has convinced Price Harry to cut back on meats though, so, good for them!

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