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A rundown of all the new couples in the villa, because last night was a lot

It was shocking to say the least

Last night was one of the most explosive Love Island episodes ever. Casa Amor is now over, Curtis and Michael are both public enemies, our hearts melted for Jordan, plus Tommy and Molly-Mae are sweethearts who should be given the 50k now. Yep, the Love Island recoupling last night was a LOT.

In between all the drama, it was quite hard to keep track of who is with who, which newbies got dumped, who got pied and basically what the outcome of the recoupling ceremony was.

Here is a rundown of all the Love Island couples in the villa right now, and exactly what happened in the most intense episode ever.

Who are the new couples?

Danny and Jourdan

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After new girl Jourdan entered the villa she turned both Curtis' and Danny's heads. But Danny was up first in the recoupling so he got to choose her before Curtis had the chance. It's probably for the best, after all she did say "are you sure?" when Curtis said he wanted to couple up with her. Awkward.

Anton and Belle

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Anton finally has someone!!!!! After admitting he had a "physical" connection (cringe) with Belle after she tickled his back in bed he decided she was the one. In his recoupling speech, Anton described Belle as his "missing piece" which was adorable.

Lucie and George

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Lucie went to Casa Amor and kissed secret millionaire Stevie and George. Despite George not really saying much when Lucie told him she was into surfing and sports, Lucie decided new boy George was the one.

Maura and Marvin

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Maura's Love Island journey so far has been a rollercoaster. She laid it on thick with Tommy, coupled up with Tom, kissed Dennon in Casa Amor and then coupled up with Marvin. Honestly I can't keep up. But Maura is a queen and I love her.

Anna and Ovie

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Anna left for Casa Amor coupled up with Jordan. Then in walked 6ft7 basketball player Ovie and all of a sudden it was "Jordan who??". She's now being called a hypocrite for dumping Jordan, but I mean have you seen Ovie?! You can't exactly blame her.

Curtis and Amy

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Amy hasn't shut up about Curtis since she left for Casa Amor. She said herself she was like a girlfriend whose boyfriend has left her behind for a lads' holiday. She admitted she was going to tell Curtis she loves him when she got back to the villa which is awkward because his head had DEFINITELY been turned.

If Danny hadn't beaten him to it Curtis would definitely had coupled up with new girl Jourdan. He basically recoupled with Amy because he had to. Which is going to make for uncomfortable viewing when she finds out.

Molly-Mae and Tommy

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Molly-Mae and Tommy are national treasures. Since Molly-Mae left the villa for Casa Amor Tommy has not for one second let go of her cuddly toy, Elly Belly. When they recoupled they both cried, Lucie cried, Maura cried and the nation cried. Give them the 50k right now.

Michael and Joanna

It what can only be described as some of the best television ever, Michael dramatically recoupled with new girl Joanna on Love Island last night. He's been coupled up with Amber for weeks, told her his head would never be turned yet here we are!!! It's Josh Denzil and Georgia Steel 2.0 and the drama is intense.

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Twitter has gone wild, the Islander's reactions were of pure horror and tonight it looks like Amber's bestie Anna might burn down the whole villa.


Who is now single?


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Anna recoupled with new boy Ovie leaving Jordan single. He said he would "take it like a man" but it obvious, inside he was crying.


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Same Amber, same

After the biggest shock of 2019, Amber was left single. This is going to be a bloodbath.

Who got dumped from Love Island?

Maria, Nabila, Lavena, Stevie, Dan and Dennon all left the Love Island villa last night. Only members of the Casa Amor cast who weren't picked got dumped. But tbh, who even are these people?!

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