Who is Stevie Bradley? Love Island’s new Chelsea boy and uni student

He drives a Porsche! A Porsche!!!

Finally, Casa Amor has returned. The much anticipated Love Island twist introduced twelve new sexy singletons, including Stevie Bradley: 21-year-old real estate student and Lucie's latest love interest.

Stevie originally hails from the Isle of Man but really he's a Chelsea boy through and through. He plays rugby and loves a bev (although not Lucie's type of bev) and his celebrity crush is Lucy Watson from Made in Chelsea.

So, here's everything you need to know about the baby faced student gracing our screens every night.

Stevie has just finished his second year at Northumbria University

According to Stevie's LinkedIn he's a second year, which means he'll have just finished and is heading into his third year at Northumbria.

He also has a number of skills listed on his LinkedIn, and his dad has endorsed him for all of them, lol.

The fact that he drives a Porsche somehow makes him way fitter

Lucie might love a surfer but this is a far better mode of transportation tbh.

He mainly uses Insta to get dates

When asked how he tends to meet dates, Stevie said: "I have dabbled with dating apps in the past like Tinder but it just seems that you are swiping for dear life. It's mainly Instagram that I use now to get dates and I've not been on very many!"

Also apparently he went on a date with a girl and then they ended up in a club after, where she asked him if he could remember her name. He could not. "Not one of my finest moments", Stevie says.

Stevie is no skint student, he's a posh boy and he wants you to know it

Stevie may be a student but you probably won't find him in Digi Mondays with £1 entry sipping on VK's. Instead you'll most likely find him in Chelsea, Jak's Kings Road, Bluebird, Chelsea, Beaufort House or… Chelsea.

Stevie loves a night out on the Toon

Stevie's a Bar Blanc regular and his Insta often features pics of him and his various fit mates in different Newcastle bars and clubs. Still not as much as Chelsea though.

Also it turns out he's a bit of a jet setter

Whether it is sun, sand or ski you'll find Stevie there. Travelling all over the world this boy is sure to set Lucie's heart racing with his tales from the seven seas. According to his Insta he's recently been to Morocco, Paris, Majorca and the Alps.

Obviously Stevie went to private school

Stevie attended King William's College, a private school in the Isle of Man, where the annual sixth form fees are £23,250. Wow.

He's good mates with Marty from Geordie Shore

The Geordie shore star commented on Stevie's golfing pic asking why he is wearing shin pads, before Stevie replies that it is the shadows. Cute.

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