Love Island Gossip Column: Tommy’s ex reveals his LIES and who got caught texting about cocaine?

The tea is boiling today!!!

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Tommy Fury's ex says they were still together a few months ago, even though he claimed to have been single for 10 months

Tommy's most recent ex Millie Roberts, posted on her Instagram story: “I know you're not the best at maths but this is no excuse. It’s mad what fame and money can do to people, try and act like the whole relationship was nothing. But okay Tommy, you do you."

Tommy? Lying? Nooooo. ?

Confirmed: Bevvy is a word Lucie made up and Cornish people are embarrassed of her

Speaking to iNews, Sarah from Cornwall said she was concerned Lucie was misrepresenting Cornish people. “It’s quite embarrassing and making Cornish people look a bit strange,” she said. “It’s almost like she’s sat down before and been like, ‘Right what can I make this years trend..?'”

Even Cornish Language experts have denied the word has ever existed. Coordinator Emma Jenkin said: “I have checked with my colleagues and no one has come across bev as being a word or phase from the Cornish language. No one has come across it as dialect either.”

People think Yewande was Joe's first murder victim because she's nowhere to be seen

The producers better know that we're counting her screen-time!!!

Tommy has also been caught texting about cocaine before going into the villa ?

In a text obtained by The Sun on Sunday, Tommy allegedly wrote: "Anyone want a lot of coke for the night?"

An insider part of the group chat said: "When he sent the message to the WhatsApp group everybody just kind of ignored it. He hadn’t taken part in any of the conversation and it was such a random message."

A crazy 4.2 million viewers tuned in to watch the show's debut episode

ITV say that including ITV Hub figures from all devices, the show racked up a total of 4.2 million viewers on Monday, which is the highest it's ever been!!!

Tommy currently has the most Instagram followers out of all the Islanders

He's stormed ahead with 518k followers and it's only the third day!!!

Lucie dropped three dress sizes to become a model

The surfer began the intense training at 18, when she got a personal fitness trainer. She went from a size 12 to a size 6 in her two-year transformation.

View this post on Instagram

#bodytransformation body #progresspicture is @lucierosedonlan From 18yrs old to now a young ? 21 years ????????? I have trained Lucie for just over 3 years.. she was one of my first regular clients when I opened my doors to be a business. I’m so glad you knocked on my door that day ? #nofilterrequired Lucie has always been beautiful inside and out and if you’ve ever met her- you’ll be instantly knocked out by her warm heart, determined mindset and passion for what she does. Over the years I have witnessed her hard work to be the best she can be… she loves to surf and was a surf coach at the time – helping the community through her love of the sport… but had goals and dreams to be a working full time modal and to see her transition from surf coach to international modal has been mind blowing ??????????????? Lucie’s body ? and mindset ?of how she feels about her body has changed ALOT , she is so much happier with her physique and along the way she gained body confidence, healthy eating habits, amazing physique, routine and so many personal bests in the gym. TRUTHs ? This has taken time it didn’t happen overnight There has been times when her shape and weight frustrated her but she will be the first to tell you… keep going, trust the program and the process. Over time when you train a client for this length of time you figure out what their body responds to the best and we’ve discovered that now less is more – Lucie’s bodytype now is in a different phase again and is better when she doesn’t overtrain and takes active rest days between gym days. She does stay on point with nutrition 80% of the time and has used Herbalife formula 1 as a healthy breakfast or snack since day 1 – a true ambassador to the product and my company Training program at the moment short HIIT sessions and weight/ resistance training 3 days a week. Favourite shake ALWAYS CHOCOLATE ? #cornishgirl #cornish #ambassador #kapowhealthyliving #happiness #proudtrainer #progress #movingforward #surfergirl #modal #fitnessmotivation #womanempowerment #positivethinking #goodvibes

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Megan Barton-Hanson was meant to go on Love Island two years ago but thinks she was turned away for saying she was bi

Megan told The Sun she originally auditioned for Love Island in 2017, but thinks she wasn't accepted for admitting she fancied girls in her first audition. She said: "I was super open and said I feel like I’m more into girls, but I think that's what put them off."

But when she auditioned the second time, she didn't say anything about being bisexual. She explained: "In Love Island I already felt I had a stigma attached to me because of being a stripper."

Someone's made a fake Amber account on Twitter and it's soooo funny

We've established that Amber has a…difficult personality and so has this parody Twitter account. It's been tweeting on her behalf while she's in the villa, very much worth a follow:

Anna has a very, very fit sister called Mandi and wow the gene pool is strong

Also, Anna's London flat looks like every other flat an Islander has lived in

Grey carpet? Check. Flat screen TV? Check. No decor whatsoever aside from the occasional mirror? Check.

The Independent have started a daily review of each episode and it's honestly the worst thing you'll read

Firstly, who has enough time to review every individual episode and secondly, who knew dinosaurs could write???

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