James Charles just dropped a video responding to the drama and it’s A LOT

It’s called ‘No More Lies’

Last weekend shook the YouTuber world. Tati Westbrook posted a video called "BYE SISTER" which served to call out, and "cancel" her fellow beauty vlogger, James Charles. Now, James Charles has responded to all the drama and allegations made against him in a 41-minute video called "No More Lies". He addresses everything that has happened, and shares his side of the story. The James Charles No More Lies video has already got over 18 million views on YouTube.

The feud has seen James Charles lose millions of YouTube subscribers, and he has been unfollowed by celebrities who he was close friends with.

Here's a summary of the James Charles No More Lies video:

James Charles says the video has "receipts" for all the claims and "lies" made against him in the drama. He starts by saying: "I will not ask for sympathy and I will definitely not ask for forgiveness either".

He thanks Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star for "taking some of the responsibility" for the situation blowing up so much, and admits "it has gotten way too far".

He says: "The internet has been the darkest we've all ever seen and it's also been the darkest time I've ever had to go through in my life, and my thoughts got to a really scary place."

James Charles stands by everything he said in previous videos

James says he stands by everything he said in his original apology video, including everything he said then about Tati Westbrook. The video was posted after Tati's, and was just called "Tati".

He starts the new video at Coachella festival where the drama began

In the new video, James Charles starts the story from the beginning. He says at Coachella weekend one, he was given an artist pass from a brand. He said he had drama there with a boy, who he had been talking to for five months.

He says the agreement with Sugar Bear Hair (Tati Westbrook's direct competitor brand) was to help him with a security issue during Coachella weekend two. It was not an orchestrated scheme as Tati had suggested in her video. He says it was a last minute thing, and they had offered to help him on the spot – where he signed a contract with them.

He explains he then texted Tati prior to posting any sponsored content for Sugar Bear Hair – which was part of the agreement for them getting him into the secure area of Coachella when he had felt threatened.

In the video, James then shows screenshots of texts which appear to be to Tati Westbrook and her husband James, saying he was receiving death threats and wanted to talk about the situation. Because he couldn't reach either of them, he posted a public apology on his Instagram story.

James then says the allegations in Tati Westbrook's video are false

He then moves on to address details in Tati Westbrook's "BYE SISTER" video which he believes are false. He provides examples of when he has supported and mentioned Tati's brand, Halo Beauty, on his social media. He then says one of the worst parts of Tati's video was when she questioned his mother's parenting.

He says: "My mom is the strongest woman I have ever met. She is kind, she is creative and she is caring. She is a cancer survivor and she balances a marriage and a full time job and raising two boys with crazy lives." He says his mother has never turned to public humiliation as a form of punishment. "I love my mom and I think she's doing a damn good job".

He says, despite what Tati's video claimed, he has never and will never use his "fame", power or money to manipulate men into having sex with him. He says it "blows his mind" that Tati bought this up.

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Tati Westbrook in the "BYE SISTER" video

He then moves on to talk about Sam, the waiter from Tati's birthday meal

In Tati's video, she talks about a waiter called Sam, at her birthday meal in Seattle. In her video she says: "It’s really disgusting to manipulate someone’s sexuality especially when they are emerging into adulthood and don’t quite have everything figured out.

"You are using your fame, your power, your money, to play with people’s emotions. You’re threatening to ruin them. You’re threatening to embarrass them."

James addresses the story with Sam, the waiter at Tati's birthday dinner. He says they were all in the restaurant and he was making eye contact with a boy (Sam). The subject of dating was bought up at the table, but the conversation never got inappropriate. He claims talking about fame is an inside joke, where all of his friends use the word "famous" when describing anything good.

He says there was no manipulation of sexuality between him and Sam, and Sam had told him he was bisexual. Him and Sam met up at James' hotel the day after, watched a film and kissed. James says: "Everything that happened in the hotel was 100 per cent consensual." He says the text where he said he did not believe Sam was fully straight was taken out of context, and was in response to messages Sam had sent previously.

James then speaks openly about boys and relationships

James Charles then moves on in the new video to discuss relationships, saying he is a "19 year old virgin" and "doesn't get much action". He says he has slid into boys' DMs before as a way of approaching them, often by saying hello and then giving them a compliment. He says that if they tell him they aren't interested, he will apologise and end the conversation.

He then says this situation has taught him that sending messages that are forward is unacceptable, and he won't do it anymore. He says he has reached out to all the boys that have said they were made to feel uncomfortable by him, and apologised.

He then talks about that Zara Larsson tweet

James moves on to address the tweet which was sent by singer Zara Larsson, claiming he had DM'ed her boyfriend. The tweet has since been deleted. James clarifies he only sent one message, and he didn't know they were dating.

He then points out how Zara approached her boyfriend when they met, which was through a tweet. James talks about his confusion as to when he does the same thing, as a gay man, that he is portrayed as a predator.

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Zara Larsson's tweet, reaching out to her boyfriend

He then goes into more depth about some of the allegations made against him

James then talks about other allegations made about him, including some from his high school which were apparently a "social experiment". He also discusses his friendship with Jeffree Star. Jeffree has publicly sent out tweets about James, and sent texts saying he thinks James is a "danger to society".

The James Charles No More Lies video ends with how the situation has made him feel

James Charles ends the video by saying: "The last few weeks of my life has been the most painful time I have ever had to deal with and my head and brain for a hot minute went to a place so dark that i didn't think I was going to come back from.

"It messed me up".

Watch the full James Charles No More Lies video here:

Since posting this video, James' YouTube subscriber count has begun to increase again. According to Social Blade, both Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star are losing subscribers.

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