Students can get FREE sausage rolls at Greggs and I can’t believe I’m only just finding this out

It’s part of their £3 meal deal

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The humble £3 meal deal is a staple of student life. It's as customary as Tesco value vodka, as common as pesto pasta, and you probably buy £3 meal deals more often than you go to 9am lectures.

But what if we told you the £3 meal deal you get from your local on-campus supermarket between lectures has been bettered? Enter: Greggs.

It turns out Greggs offers their own meal deal partnership of a baguette and a beverage – not usually enough to pull us away from that BLT, Walkers Sensations and Naked Smoothie (purely to maximise that value for money) combination that many of us splurge on a daily basis.

However, when buying Greggs' £3 meal deal, you can get a FREE sausage roll if you simply show them your student card. Yep, you can get one of Greggs' finest flakey baked goods for absolutely nothing.

What's more, if sausage rolls aren't your thing the offer also extends to cheese and onion bakes, any sweet treat, fruit, or, if you're feeling particularly empowered, a snack pack. For those of you that don't know what a snack pack is, it's a little packet of some form of dried fruit/nuts that literally no-one has ever bought from Greggs.

With Greggs' new vegan sausage roll taking the country by storm, we asked them whether the deal now includes the vegan sausage roll and we are glad to inform that yes, yes it does!

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