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Inside the First Dates Hotel: Where is the hotel location and can I stay there?

I don’t want to date anyone though is that ok lol x


First Dates Hotel series three is well underway, and it's pretty safe to say everyone is hooked. There's been tears at the story of Lauren Mahon, cringing at the staff clearly being in love with each other and even admittance that the concept of going all the way to Italy just for a dinner date is all a bit weird. The show raises a lot of questions – and whilst it's undeniable that first dates can be awkward, is it possible for them to be successful? Will this season be as flirty as previous ones? Will they actually find love and stay together? But the question that is on everyone's lips is – where is the First Dates Hotel location?

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All I wanted was love for Lauren

The hotel location looks pretty luxury, with individual rooms that look like they're fresh from a filmset. We know what it's like to go on the original restaurant format of the show, and what it's like to be an extra – but now I for one want to be filmed dipping my toes into the outside pool as Fred serves me a pornstar martini. I'm thinking Sharpey High School Musical 2 vibes – anyone else?

Where is the First Dates Hotel's location?

The hotel is described as a "lovingly restored, 18th century hamlet, set within 60 acres of scented gardens and olive groves, shielded by soaring limestone massifs and nestled within the timeless nature reserves, vineyards and ancient towns of the picture perfect Sannio countryside."

It's in Campania, which is in southwest Italy and is a region known for its ancient ruins and dramatic coastline.

The series is filmed at the Aquapetra Resort and Spa, which is just over an hour's drive from Naples.

Can you stay at the First Dates Hotel?

You can stay at the First Dates hotel in any of the rooms available, from a classic room right up to the Aquapetra suite. Prices range from around £170 a night to around £490 a night for a top suite.

Yep one of those should do

The top suites come fitted with a king sized bed, spa kit, his and hers robes, a private terrace, a mini bar and room service. Yeah, I guess it sounds alright.

What facilities are there on site at the First Dates Hotel?

If the luxurious rooms aren't quite enough there's also a four-floor Michelin star restaurant on site, wine cellar, gardens with 1,500 olive trees, an additional bar, outdoor and indoor pools, an aqua spa including a sauna and steam room and a fitness centre.

The hotel is also used for weddings and conferences and their website says they are "proud to announce that Aquapetra features on UK Television Channel 4's First Dates Hotel 2018."

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The location looks alright

Here's just some extra pics because it's beauts and you should see more:

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