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Love Island Gossip Column: Are Georgia and Sam OVER?! And Charlie tells Ellie he doesn’t love her

Why is everyone breaking up!?

Love Island may be over, but it doesn't mean the gossip ever has to stop. So welcome back to The Tab's daily Love Island gossip round-up, bringing you the pettiest drama and the least believable tabloid exclusives from around the internet today.

Are Sam and Georgia over?! Her cryptic message on Instagram seems to suggest so

She wrote: "I’m a good believer in everything happens for a reason, and what is meant to be will be. Feeling so lucky and blessed✨Goodnight and hold tight for the future❤️?" and fans started speculating that her and Sam may have broken up.

A representative for Georgia told The Sun Online that the couple are still an item. They said: "They are still very much together and her post last night was just one of those motivation ones as such and no hidden meaning on her relationship." Oh.

Ellie and Charlie were overheard arguing over the fact he didn't tell her he loves her

A source told The Sun Online: “Charlie’s made it pretty obvious he’s not into Ellie as much as she is into him. And now they’ve had another blazing row because she felt embarrassed in front of their mates.

“They were on a night out and one of Charlie’s friends asked if he loved Ellie. He smiled and said he liked her. She hit the roof and said she felt like a complete mug.

“He never bargained on leaving Love Island with a girlfriend, let alone someone who wanted to be as serious as she does.”

But an insider close to Ellie said: “They can't remember this argument – they say I love you to each other every day.” So what's the truth?

Megan said Frankie wasn't into Samira from the start

During an appearance on Heart FM today, Megan revealed she always knew Samira and Frankie weren't going to last.

She said: "My only concern was that Wes said that Frankie had never been in a relationship before and was quite young. I think the fact that she left the villa and made such a big sacrifice, and he'd already done something wrong I think that was the end."

Frankie has released a statement about his endless cheating

Well his management did, a rep said on his behalf: "Frankie and Samira have both decided to take a break from their relationship and focus on themselves for now. They have decided to remain civil and have some space apart to decide on what they want to do.

"Frankie wholeheartedly knows that his actions were not acceptable and has apologised to Samira. At this moment in time having their own space is most important."

Charlie Frederick's cringe Instagram posts must be stopped

Not only is he advertising weird trading accounts on his Insta stories, he's also pulling some very weird faces for his Insta promotions. Why?

Jack says he's more scared of Dani's mum than her dad

He told the Daily Star he "felt like he'd known Danny for ages" and added: “I’m more scared of Dani’s mum.”

New Jack has been branded "lazy and rude" by a Scottish nightclub

New Jack has been accused of leaving his personal appearance at a Scottish club just after an hour, to join Wes and Megan in a rival club. Apparently he also refused to take photos with fans.

He was paid to take part in a meet and greet with fans who travelled all across the country to meet him. The owner of the club has told The Sun Online that Jack was a total "nightmare" right from the start.

He alleges that Jack spent most of his time looking miserable and playing on his phone. The owner added: "I'm thinking about taking legal action, if I can sue, I'll sue. I want to get my money back."

And to make things worse, apparently Jack "acted like a diva" before he arrived at the club. The organisers booked him flights from Gatwick, but he made them book new ones from Heathrow because he preferred travelling from there. YIKES.

Kaz has plenty of famous suitors sliding in her DMs

At Love Island Live on Friday, Caroline Flack said to Kaz: “We’ve heard some celebrities have slid into your DMs. Is it anyone we would know?”

Kaz refused to name names, instead she giggled as she confirmed: "Yes", before adding: "It's a secret." Watch out Josh. ?

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