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Hereeeeee they come! It’s the tragic Love Island Clubbers of the Week


Death and taxes. Death and taxes. The only two things in life that are certain. Oh, and the Love Island club appearances tour, that inevitable voyage of the UK's most tragic regional nightclubs from Aberdeen to Lincoln to Bognor Regis.

Some of the cast are set to make about £300,000 (ha!) and if they're really on form they might even pull a mega fan and cheat on their other half while they're at it!

So for the second year in a row, we bring you the soon-to-be-forgotten Love Island cast, tearing it up the d-floor with the mega fans:


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It doubles as a selfie stick

The odds Georgia let this normal human encounter pass without reassuring this girl that "I know it's become a bit of a joke but I really am loyal, babes"?

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Zero. Zero

A key part of your post-villa success is knowing where the camera is at all times, never getting caught unaware

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Useful for paps

Not even going to speculate who suggested this pose

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Fun! Fun! Fun!

Genuinely, it is SO nice when the islanders get pictures together, like this one of Frankie, Jack, and Samira

And this one of Wes and Old Jack

Or this one of Sam Bird and Eyal

Wes renewing his membership to the DBS (Dive Bomb Society)

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Oh no, he's about to make a big splash

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WES! NO! You'll get them wet

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It's ok, they're already in the pool

Jack Fowler here, very wisely not looking at the man's hand and therefore not getting punched. Man knows the circle game

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It doesn't count because it's above the waist, actually

Security please remove this man from my DJ booth

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He is making a nuisance

Were she not contractually obliged to smile all night, Kendall would not be smiling at this particular moment

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No sir

Niall found the one person in the planet who also has a fingertip magnet. Is this his rainbow fish?

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Their fingers will never touch

Sam Bird with a penis in his hand is worth two in the bush

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This is just how you normally pose when you definitely haven't thrown Ellie's clothes out of the window

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A very literal gulf in the relationship

Very, very Power Move Handshake from our New Jack. You will only win his respect by not having your hand crushed.

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Alo from the shit seasons of Skins, you have passed

You want to protect Niall this much. I know it

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No harm will come to you, my Coventry babyman

Peace out, dudes

Photos courtesy of: Mint Photography at Club 88, Croydon; Pryzm Kingston; BH Mallorca; Pryzm Bristol; Kooky Wakefield, Pryzm Watford; Home & HQ Blackpool; Level Bolton; Oceana Southampton; Casino Guildford