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The mystery of Ibiza’s Jack Sparrow, the man allegedly spiking girls’ drinks

We found him on Instagram, but he claims it was all ‘a joke’

This summer there is one story that has got the whole of Ibiza talking. Get into a taxi and it will come up in conversation, strangers in the street are discussing rumours – it has taken over the entire island.

According to a number of girls a man has been going round the island's major clubs dressed up as Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, allegedly trying to spike girls' drinks.

Some believe it's one man on his own who approaches girls and tries to push drinks on them, others say it's an operation, with multiple men who communicate with each other via ear pieces and a WhatsApp group to monitor those they've targeted.

So who is he? A video on Twitter, which has been retweeted 20,000 times, shows a man dressed up as Jack Sparrow trying to push a drink onto a girl multiple times, which she constantly declines.

On Facebook, Kelly Burkett who had been to Ibiza, posted a similar encounter with the Jack Sparrow character, a status which has had over 19,000 shares.

She describes how the man approached her at an Elrow event in Amnesia nightclub, and began miming and acting oddly around her. He then allegedly pointed at her drink and took it off her, and when he returned it, it was "vibrating" and "there was foam over half way up the bottle".

After this she says she went out to the smoking area where she was again approached by someone offering her a drink – which she declined. "Obviously we said no and moved away", Kelly said.

Kelly says a man then hit her on the head and other men were asking her how she was feeling. She then saw Jack Sparrow again, who had "clearly pointed [her] out to the men". Kelly claims there were men communicating via ear pieces in the club, and on their phones via WhatsApp, sharing photos of targeted girls.

"We are so lucky the night ended how it did because it could of been a completely different story. Please please please any girls going to Ibiza do not let anyone even hold your drink for a second. Avoid Jack Sparrow!!!!"

It seems that Kelly is not alone, as other girls have spoken out about their ordeals on Twitter:

Speaking to Scotsman, Louise Phelan describes how she was "trapped" by the man in a rubber ring. She said: “He just trapped me in his ring and wouldn’t let me leave and kept trying to lick my face and other areas.

“I didn’t have a drink but if I did I’m sure he would of tried it. It was just a lot of harassment, when I finally got out of the ring we ran off. When walking around later he saw us and pointed, tried to come over then we ran off again.”

After some deep social media digging, we managed to identify the man behind "Jack Sparrow" from the video that went viral. He confirmed to us that it is him in the video – but denies the crimes, and says offering drinks is a "joke".

The man, whose identity has been kept anonymous for legal reasons, says he is in Ibiza dressed up to create a documentary, which these stories have now ruined – and have even put his life at risk. He accuses the girl in the video of purposely cutting down the post to incriminate him – he claims after the video ends he drank the drink himself. He also told us he does not drink, or take drugs – and drank the drink in the video himself because it "wasn't alcohol it was Schweppes."

He has said he is going to the police to have the girls investigated for slander and he will make them "pay" for how they are "destroying" his life.

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Workers on the island and the clubs are also responding to the claims. Ella Cane, who is working out on the island, told The Tab she recalls seeing the man in Privilege nightclub.

Ella said that there's a lot of doubt surrounding the stories because it's being put down to alcohol and people not really knowing what's going on.

"You can just be getting into a taxi with a stranger and it'll be bought up in convo," Ella told The Tab. "But nobody knows who this guy is."

The Tab contacted Amnesia, who said: "We have a lot of emails about this situation. We were speaking with the Elrow team and managers and they haven't got any person on the staff working dressed like Jack Sparrow on that day.

"Then we are trying to find who was that person. Obviously we cannot believe all the stories that some clients have on the internet, but we always investigate a little bit to know if it can be true.

"The most important thing was to know if that person works directly for Elrow to fire him immediately and we have discovered no. After all this, our management team has already taken the appropriate legal measures."

Elrow has released a statement, saying: "Whilst we want to emphasize that no official complaints have been received by elrow or Amnesia, the safety of our customers is of upmost importance.

"The person dressed as Jack Sparrow does not work for elrow and was attending as a customer. We take these matters extremely seriously and we are contacting the police and launching a full investigation.

"Anyone with information should contact the police immediately. If you would like to contact us, please email [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible."

The Tab has approached both Elrow and Ibiza police for further comment. If you have any more information in regards to this story please email [email protected]