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Looking back at the most irrelevant Love Islanders from the past three series

Are these people…real? Was it all a dream?

The cast of this year's Love Island was released yesterday, and we're already deciding who we would want to couple up with and who we despise.

Some of the new cast stick in your head, like that hot model called Eyal or the student from Coventry Uni who looks like Zayn's doppelgänger.

And it's the same for previous seasons. How could we forget John and Hannah from series one, Alex and Olivia or the bromance that was Chris and Kem?

But what about all the other Islanders – you know, the ones who come into 'shake things up' and 'stir the pot'? Like Travis, Marino, Tyne-Lexy, Craig or the Twins?

Seriously, those people were all on the show. So let's take a look back to all the irrelevant contestants who came and went – some as quickly as 24 hours – and decide who was the most useless Islander in a vote below.

John and Tony, aka The Twins, Series 1 (3 days in the villa)

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Italian duo John and Tony entered the series one house with big chat about their meatballs and charm. But their cringe one-liners about how they get all the girls because they're twins failed to impress neither Danielle or Zoe on their dates – unsurprisingly.

Chris Williamson, Series 1 (18 days in the villa)


A post shared by Chris Williamson (@chriswillx) on Jul 26, 2015 at 6:40am PDT

It's genuinely amazing Chris managed to stay in the villa for nearly three weeks considering he 1) bought nothing to the house 2) was like watching paint dry and 3) wore silly bow ties and trilby hats like he was in a boyband who got kicked out of judge's houses on The X Factor.

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Yeah he was in there for 18 days, but can you remember anything remotely relevant about him? Me neither.

Oh, and he's still wearing those hats, urgh:

All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell ?

A post shared by Chris Williamson (@chriswillx) on Feb 20, 2018 at 8:00am PST

Danielle Pyne, Series 1 (13 days in the villa)

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Snore me later

Known as the posh one, Danielle did nothing but look annoyed to be spending her summer lying by a pool and getting pissed. She momentarily made everything a little bit more exciting when she hooked up with Luis after being with Chris, but then went down in estimations when she said she was dumbing down her vocab when talking to new posh boy Ben.

Travis Almond, Series 1 (1 week in the villa)

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Travis looked like he could break an almond nut into tiny little pieces using his bare hands. Bought into the villa as a potential boyf for Lauren, Travis was quickly shipped out thanks to Lauren staying loyal to Josh. The most interesting thing he did was ask Jess on a date before Lauren, and even now I'm bored talking about it.

Poppy Farnan and Ben Porter, Series 1 (24 hours in the villa)

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They came in about a week before the Series 1 show finished. Knowing they would have not one single chance at convincing anyone to swap couples, they didn't even try to make their mark. Not one bit.

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Malia Arkin, Series 2 (like, an hour in the villa)

You wont have a clue who Malia is, but after watching this clip you'll think HOW COULD I FORGET:

Malia was removed from the house in Series 2 by the producers because she started a fight with Kady, after Kady 'purposefully' spilt some of her drink on her leg. Classic.

Troy Frith (3 days in the villa) and Oliver Maxwell Fernandez, Series 2 (7 days in the villa)

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Genuinely think I was on holiday when these two showed up

Was I away for their duration in the house? Did they get any camera time? Was this all a dream? Probably.

Lauren Whiteside, Series 2 (4 days in the villa)

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Lauren entered the house in Series 2 after Zara Holland walked out due to her Miss GB crown being taken off her for shagging Alex on national television. Lauren was only in the house for four days, but managed to come out and go to Missguided events and get some free clothes.

Plus the rest of her Insta is just her on her hols, so clearly doing absolutely nothing and not lasting a week can really set you up for life.

Harley Judge, Series 3 (5 days in the villa)

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Hahahahaahaha, Harley thought he had it ALL in Series 3 when Amber picked him in the first coupling, but then she went for Kem and THEN he got pied off by Camilla for Jonny (the snake).

Harley was cringe in the house, but he was maximum cringe on one of his first club nights where he captioned an Instagram with 'stay humble' trolololol.

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Now he's an estate agent in Norwich!

Tyne-Lexy Clarson, Series 3 (7 days in the villa)

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Tyne-Lexy was really putting it on Muggy Mike but couldn't quite get him in her grasp. All I really remember of her was that she had dreamy eyes – and that's about it. And sad times for T-L, as she never coupled up ONCE during her time in the villa.

Simon Searles, Season 3 (6 days in the villa)

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Looking for fame in other ways, Simon appeared on Just Tattoo Of Us the other week. It was pretty tame though, just a parking ticket tattoo because apparently he gets them a lot. Pretty forgettable, just like his Love Island appearance.

Nearly everyone from the second villa in Series 3

Remember when the boys and girls were split up, and the boys were taken to that mystery second villa where Marcel necked on with one of the blonde girls and Kem bought one of them back to the main villa. Yeah, you can just about remember – me too.

But do you actually remember what any of those girls looked like? And who the hell were the guys trying to put it on the girls?? Except from Nathan, Alex Beattie, Chyna and Craig who you might just about recall, you have to be believe me when I say you actually watched these people for up to FIVE WHOLE DAYS:

Danielle Sellers (5 days in the villa)

“When am I gonna see you again?” First of all, you saw me by accident.

A post shared by DANIELLE SELLERS (@daniellejsellers) on May 10, 2018 at 2:32pm PDT

Danielle had a cheeky kiss within Nathan on the show (which you won't remember because I've only remembered because I had to look on the Internet), but they weren't in long enough to couple up with one another. Incredibly, Danielle has 183k followers on Instagram, much more than her other second villa rivals.

Ellisha-Jade White (2 days in the villa)

Vibes ? Honey Honey by @chloelewisbeauty lips ?

A post shared by Ellisha-Jade ? (@thesouthamptongirl) on Mar 18, 2018 at 9:49am PDT

Ellisha-Jane had a bit of an edge over everyone in the villa calling herself an 'entrepreneur', but that was all she really had going for her.

Amelia Peters (2 days in the villa)

Unique Parties ??‍♀️

A post shared by Amelia Peters (@ameliapeters1) on May 27, 2018 at 12:54am PDT

I honestly don't know who this girl is.

Shannen McGrath (2 days in the villa)

You do boo ?

A post shared by ??????? ?????? ??????? ?? (@shannenreillymcgrath) on May 20, 2018 at 7:11am PDT

This is Shannen's Insta bio, which looks a lot like something you would've done in your Bebo/MySpace years:


Marino Katsouris (2 days in the villa)

It’s 11:30am, time for a break. Somebody get this man a Diet Coke

A post shared by Marino Katsouris ?? (@marino_katsouris) on May 28, 2018 at 3:30am PDT

They should actually put this bloke on it again from the start cos he is hot and I would vote for him to win.

Nathan Joseph (5 days in the villa)

Memorable face, and that's literally it.

Steve Ball (2 days in the villa)

Hair gets lighter Skin gets darker Life is better with sun ?

A post shared by Steven Ball (@steveball92) on May 10, 2018 at 4:44am PDT

No, this isn't some random guy's Instagram, I promise. Steve was kicked off within 48 hours of entering the house, but still posted on Instagram saying he'd made some "good friends". Lol.

Rob Lipsett (2 days in the villa)

He has nearly 450k, I repeat 450k Instagram followers and for WHAT??

I've had enough – get me on that show.