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Harley from Love Island is now an estate agent in Norwich

Quite the career change

Norwich’s own Harley Judge had a brief stint on Love Island last year during its first week, but failed to stay in after Camilla picked Jonny over him.

But whilst you’ll find the likes of Amber, Olivia and Chris on red carpets and TV shows, modelling their new clothing lines or Dancing on Ice, you could find Harley showing you round your house for next year as he's decided to become an estate agent.

To the delight of many guys and girls in Norwich you could come face to face with the man himself if you happen to be looking for some off campus accommodation, as you can now find him in a suit and tie working for BMA Estates in Norwich.

In an Instagram post on, Harley, dressed in a suit and holding up a big sign saying 'To Let', said: "A new challenge, for the new year. Swapped the hi viz for a suit and tie."

The news has travelled quickly around Norwich as Harley has already made appearances to many student homes in the area.

Third year history student Sophie was at home when Harley showed up to her house to do a viewing. She said: "An estate agent showed up two hours late to do a viewing, I gave him major sass only to find out it was Harley from Love Island afterwards."

Anne, a second year American studies student also commented: "I opened the door and saw Love Island's Harley in a suit and tie. Thank god I wasn't wearing my Love Island PJs anymore."

Keep an eye out, the next estate agent giving you a call or even knocking at your door might just be Harley.