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This degree calculator will figure out what you need to scrape a 2:1

Aka how screwed are you?


It's that time of the year again when exams loom and the only thought on your mind is: "How do I scrape that 2:1?" Or who knows, you may even be pushing for a first.

GradeHub have built a brand new UK degree calculator, which can tell you what marks you need to get in your exams and essays, to avoid that dreaded 2:2.

You type in what you need overall in each module, as well as the existing grades you already have and the calculator will help you find out how many more marks you need to get a specific grade.

Last year's calculator only had two thousands students signed up, but this year there are 10 thousand signups already.

And there is an averages graph, which shows the average score from other students on your course, but they're completely anonymous.

There is also a new Messenger on the website which can connect you to other students on your course, so you can cry about your exam woes together.