These are officially the fittest boy’s names of 2018, as chosen by you

Sorry Paul

Yesterday we brought you the important news that Freddie is officially the fittest boy’s name.

In The Tab’s annual fittest name competition, Freddie came back on top, winning nearly 10 per cent of the vote.

60 names were judged by a select group of 14 girls, analysing the hotness of boy’s names depending on their own experiences. Ollie, Harry and Daniel all followed behind Freddie, with Victor, Hamzah and Daryll being at the bottom of the fit list.

To see where your name ranks, check out the final results below:

[infogram id=”d2c0149a-b3af-4a49-ae8d-e5ede22106b0″ prefix=”WwT” format=”interactive” title=”The Tab’s fittest boy’s names, 2018″]