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Revealed: Freddie is officially the fittest boy’s name

I voted Freddie tbf

In the most important vote since Brexit, we asked the nation to decide which boy's name they thought was the fittest.

Nearly 3,000 of you voted in our poll to crown this year's most attractive name. With nearly 10 per cent of the vote, Freddie is officially the hottest name of 2018.

Ollie and Harry ranked second and third fittest, with Daryll unfortunately coming in last place.

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Freddie from Wild Child looks exactly how you imagine all Freddies to look

Freddie was last awarded fittest name in 2015, but has managed to make a grand return.

Cardiff University second year, Freddie Miller, told The Tab he was shocked the name hasn't been voted attractive every year. He said: "Frankly I'm insulted that it hasn't been every year. I have spoken with the Freddie community and we feel vindicated by the result.

"Most of the Freddies I've met have been good looking lads and almost all of them have been taller than me."

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Freddie (right) thinks most Freddie's are "good looking lads"

When asked what happened to the Freddie vote in 2016 and 2017, Freddie puts it down to "fake news".

It's easy to see why Freddie has taken the top spot. Freddie from Skins, Freddie from Wild Child, Freddie from School of Rock are all gross, said no one EVER.

The full results of the fittest boy's name 2018 will be released tomorrow.