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Quiz: There are thirteen types of posh people, which one are you?

It’s of national importance that you take this quiz


If you're reading this, chances are – you're posh. After all, according to our government we live in the world's fifth largest economy and we definetely don't have a housing crisis or anything like that. So it must mean that everyone is rich, right? Right. So therefore you're posh.

But what type of posh are you? Are you someone who follows "the absolute boy Jeremy Corbyn" on Snapchat whilst simultaneously pretending you have a student loan? Or do you better fit in the "Obnoxious Posh" category, because you spend all your free time shooting pigeons and drinking red wine like it's going out of fashion?

We've managed to successfully categorise thirteen types of posh people because there are so many of you out there. So now that you're here, you might as well take this quiz: