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There’s now a scientific way to figure out exactly who’s who in your group

Using the data on your phone

So I don't meant to panic you but it turns out there's a way to figure out exactly who's who in your friendship group, based on the data on your phone.

Don't worry, it's not the government reading the drink-fuelled messages you send to you friends at 1AM in the morning, but instead it's this new app which gives you all the group chat stats you ever needed to know.

It can tell you who the keen ones in your group are, by seeing who speaks the most. Or the amount you swear can determine if you're the cynical bitch. And there's a lot more data to play around with.

So here's how to do it. When you download the GroupWize app on your phone, it tells you exactly how to export the data from your WhatsApp group chat and will analyse it for you.

Then it will give you a wide range of stats by analysing every word and this can determine who's who:

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The needy one

This person sends the most messages in the group chat, so they're the keenest. Click "Most Talkative" to see the percentage breakdown of messages sent per user.

You can also run the data on an individual conversation with someone you're into, to see who is the most keen out of the pair of you. Awks.

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The lurker

This person is the least talkative out of your friendship group – they lurk and read all your messages but rarely reply. The Lurker would have scored the least in the Most Talkative category.

The one in a relationship

This person won't shut up about their significant other. The percentage of their messages sent related to family and relationships will be really high. Shock.

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The mess

The 'Night Owl' option lets you see the number of days that each user sent messages at night. The mess of your friendship group is likely to score the highest in this category because they're always texting drunk at night.

The basic bitch

This one goes out to all the people who love emojis. If your top three favourite emojis are of the monkey with its eyes closed or the love heart face – you're basic.

The cynical bitch

The app will count the number of messages that contain the most swear words and this can help you to determine once and for all, who the cynical bitch of your friendship group is.

The mum

This person is the most positive of the group and sends the highest percentage of messages with a positive sentiment. Go on 'The Most Positive' category to see who this person is.

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Yeah so now my life has been changed forever and I'm still shook. You can thank me later.