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These are officially the unis with the highest drop out rates

Guess I’ll take that gap yah then

People drop out of uni for loads of reasons. Maybe it was too hard, or maybe it was just too boring.

Whatever the reason, here are the unis with the most drop outs, according to the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018.

Queen Mary's leads the way with a whopping one in ten students dropping out before they graduate, while Oxford and Cambridge both see the fewest dropouts with over 98 per cent sticking their course out until the end.

Leeds sees the second highest drop out rate with 6.8 per cent throwing in the towel. Liverpool and Glasgow follow closely behind in joint third place.

While Oxbridge leads the way in keeping students enrolled, Durham comes in third with only 4 per cent of their students dropping out, followed by Bristol with 4.2 per cent. Exeter round off the bottom five with a respectable 4.3 per cent.

For all Russell Group unis, the average drop out rate is 5.2 per cent. However, about a third of those who do drop out, do continue studying at another university.

However, it's not all bad news as research shows we are still less likely to drop out than students from any other country in Europe.

Check out the full table below.

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