Researchers have worked out which degree works the hardest

This finally settles it

They’ve been saying it for years. Well, more they’ve been moaning about it for years, disappearing for hours on end in their ‘studio’ and taking selfies every day to show hard it really is because you don’t understand.

According to data analysts at the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI), Architects are officially the hardest working students on campus. Designing the sky scrapers and energy efficient homes of the future is taxing business, and they’re the course who spend the most time in independent study with 20 hours.

Bizarrely, second and third place isn’t occupied by medics, dentists, lawyers or even engineers. Turns out that reading historical texts and thinking really deeply about them is a lot of hard work – History and Philosophy students spend 18 hours working every week outside of their lectures and seminars.

The biggest slackers of all are Communications students with 12 hours, closely followed by the wannabe Sir Philip Greens of this world studying Business, with 13.

Below shows the hours of independent study for each course according to HEPI. This is hours spent preparing for lectures, reading, writing essays and work in labs.