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We’re changing Clubbers of the Week and giving you guys the power, for some reason

Embarrass your mates

They say David Attenborough is a Certified National Treasure. Almost. Even though his voice is quite nice, he's yet to reach the heights of national adoration mounted by Clubbers of the Week.

How could we make it better? By giving you the power. Yes, you, dear reader.

So, how's this gonna work?

It's simple – just tag us (The Tab, obviously) under any pure fuego club pictures you come across.

That's it. All you've got to do is tag us.

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Like this. Honestly, in the words of Avril Lavigne, can I make it any more obvious?

What are we looking for? Well, you know what Clubbers of the Week is: anyone being wild, silly, ridiculous, unfaithful, or just fab in a club photo.


Can't possibly go wrong.

Featured image via Level Liverpool