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The Geordie Shore cast are making up to £261,000 a week on Instagram posts

So, how do I apply for the next series?

Imagine making a constant joke of yourself on national television for six years straight and yet somehow raking in millions of pounds a year on Instagram alone.

Well that's exactly what the Geordie Shore cast have done. How much they earn obviously depends on their popularity, but we used an Insta calculator to find out every Geordie Shore star's worth. And figured out how much they could be making on sponsored posts.

Charlotte Crosby

Followers: 6m

Cost per post: £26.1k

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First night LOLS Dress @inthestyle ?

A post shared by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on Aug 27, 2018 at 1:41am PDT

Charlotte could rack up to £26.1k on a single Instagram ad. In the last week alone, she has posted 10 advertisements and probably made around £261k. This means she could make just over a million if she posted at the same rate for a month.

Charlotte has done sponsored posts for the likes of InTheStyle, Mark Hill and Fique Cosmetics.

Marnie Simpson

Followers: 2.8m

Cost per post: £12.2k

Marnie has posted four sponsored posts in the last seven days, which comes to £48.8k a week. At this rate, she could make just under £200k within a month. If she was to post every day however, she could make £366k.

Recently, Marnie has advertised for Sneaky Vaunt bras and teeth whitening companies,

Gaz Beadle

Followers: 3.4m

Cost per post: £14.7k

A post shared by gazgshore (@gazgshore) on Oct 31, 2017 at 3:43pm PDT

In the last week Gaz has done seven sponsored posts on his Instagram, probably making him around £102.9k. In a month he can make over £400k.

The fashion brand 11 degrees features heavily on his profile, currently making up most of feed.

Chloe Ferry

Followers: 2.5m

Cost per post: £10.9k

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My girl ?

A post shared by Chloe Ferry? (@chloegshore1) on Sep 6, 2018 at 6:51am PDT

Chloe has 11 sponsored posts from the last week, totalling to £119.9k. If she was to post the same amount for a month, she could make £479.6k.

She has been sponsored by MissyEmpire, AX Paris and Fuel Station UK.

Aaron Chalmers

Followers: 2.4m

Cost per post: £10.4k

Aaron has been advertising in 12 of his Instagram posts from the last week, which could be worth £124.8k in total. In a month he can make around £500k.

He has been sponsored by several men's fashion brands like BooHooMan, James Carter Official and Hera.

Holly Hagan – £15.5k per post

Followers: 3.5m

Cost per post: £15.5k

Surprisingly Holly doesn't post as much as the other Geordie Shore cast, only doing one sponsored post in the last week.

But if she was to do a sponsored post every day, she could make £465k a month.

Nathan Henry – £5.5k per post

Followers: 1.2m

Cost per post: £5.5k

@elitecosmeticsurgery ???

A post shared by Nathan Henry (@nathanhgshore) on Oct 31, 2017 at 5:27am PDT

Nathan has fewer followers, so his sponsored posts are worth around £5.5k. In the last week he has posted two ads, which were worth £11k altogether.

Vicky Pattison

Followers: 2.4m

Cost per post: £16.4k

Vicky has done seven sponsored posts in the last seven days. As they're worth £16.4k each, that could make her £114.8k a week and just under half a million pounds a month.

Scotty T

Followers: 2.7m

Cost per post: £11.6k

Scotty T's feed is full of selfies and memes, with a few sponsored posts in between.

He has posted seven ads in the last week, potentially making him £81.2k. And posting at this rate for a month, could amount to him making up to £324.8k.

Sophie Kasaei – £6.9k

Followers: 1.6m

Cost per post: £6.9k

Sophie made five sponsored posts in the last week, possibly making her £48.3k in total and under £200k in a month.

In just under half a year, posting at this rate can make Sophie a million pounds from Instagram alone.

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