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Here is THAT episode where Adam from Love Island pulls two girls on Geordie Shore

It’s season 12, episode 2 btw

A clip has surfaced which shows sexy Adam from Love Island's true colours, in which he has an extremely raunchy three-way kiss with Charlotte and Chloe on Season 12 of Geordie Shore.

Lucky for you, we have found the whole episode which shows you what happens before, and what happens after, so you can know EVERY detail.

It seems like just another classic episode of Geordie Shore. The whole gang are out, they are absolutely mortal, and Charlotte is looking for a pull.

Charlotte tells Holly, "Me and Chloe are going to go and look for some boys soon", and later tells Gaz that she's "going to have to kiss someone".

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It's clear what her intentions are when Charlotte says her and Chloe are "looking for the dick because we are so horny". It just so happens that of all the people in the club, it's tall, dark and handsome Adam who gets the call up.

Chloe points him out amongst the crowd. She's made up her mind. It's over for Adam already by this point.

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Young and innocent Adam gets lured over, like a young school boy waiting to be called into the headteacher's office, and gets sat down in the booth by both Charlotte and Chloe.

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"Holy shit, the dick detectives have actually managed to pull a boy, and he's actually quite fit", says Holly, amazed at the speed of which the two found such a hottie.

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Lil fuck boi

It doesn't sound as though Holly fell head over heels for him in the same way literally everyone else in the world did on Monday night, but Chloe was definitely into him, getting very up close and personal in classic Chloe style.

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As the night drew to a close Adam returned to reality and didn't get the invite back to the house, but he was probably too busy messaging everyone in his phone book to care.

Here's the link to the episode so you can see the entire episode.

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