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This is how to get a refund on Topshop Joni jeans when yours are worn-out

If they’ve faded after three months, take them back

It's an accepted fact of life that every girl has owned a pair of Topshop Joni jeans. As a staple in most wardrobes, Joni jeans provide support in hiding post-Nando's food-babies, as well as being the pivotal member of the jeans and a nice top combo.

Yet like in any relationship, the honeymoon period fizzles out eventually. It seems we only have to wash our denim companions once or twice before facing the trauma of a pair ripping in the inner knee, or fading into the colour of 1970s tarmac.

We all want return our jeans when this inevitably happens, but probably don't because we think it's our fault. So we asked a Topshop sales assistant for the ways you can guarantee to exchange or refund your now saggy, ripped and faded Jonis.

Topshop Joni jeans in all their glory

Topshop Joni jeans in all their glory

If your jet black Jonis fade in three-months, you can take them back

Middle-class problem numero uno is the faded black Joni jean. All you have to do is scroll through Twitter to see the hate on the “saggy grey Joni".

In some sad, sad cases the dye from the Joni jean fades after only a couple of washes, but in most cases it should not. If this does happen, there is a three-month wear-and-tear grace period where you can still exchange your jeans.

My life is a constant cycle of buying Joni jeans then complaining that they fade after 5 minutes

— ciara? (@Ciaralmallon) August 13, 2017

You can actually get a refund on ripped knee Jonis, if the rips tear more in the right direction

Unbelievably, refunds are given on the ripped- knee Joni, often because they've “ripped too much". While it's hard to classify what “ripped too much" actually entails, it can't all be down to our knobbly-knees.

If the rip in the knee spreads horizontally, rather than vertically as it is more than likely to do, you may be entitled for a refund as this is a flaw in the manufacturing design. So put an end to your dad's bad jokes about not being able to afford non-ripped jeans, and take 'em back.

If your jeans rip along the seam, it can be classed as a 'manufacturing fault'

Despite Kylie Jenner boasting her derrière in a pair of tactically ripped skinnies on Insta earlier this year, not everyone wants the sun shining where it doesn't. Before you try take your Jonis back to Topshop because they “ripped after like two nights out", here's what you should know.

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Faulty jeans are only accepted if the rip is along the seam, as this is classed as a manufacturing fault, not that of the customer. But if you caught your jeans on the fence of the smoking area at PRYZM, then soz hun, but that's on you.

You won't be able to get away with blagging your four-year-old pair as being from this season

The key to knowing your Joni jean is reading the line number, which is the nine-digit reference made up of a combination of letters and numbers used to identify the specific department, season and colour of an item of clothing.

The line number tells the cashier what season the jeans were manufactured and bought in. There's also colour codes, which are super important because within the stratosphere of black Joni jeans you can find Washed Black -WBK- as well as Black Black- BLK.

Topshop Joni jeans up close: the black (left) and washed black (right) are SO different

Topshop Joni jeans up close: the black (left) and washed black (right) are SO different

Jonis can only be refunded from the same season, meaning if you try and blag your now grey-once-jet-black jeans from four years ago as being bought two weeks ago, you're not getting any money back sister.

Finally, you're gonna need your receipt

The rules of getting a refund at Topshop are pretty simple: produce the item, the payment card and the receipt within 28 days and you can get your money back easy peasy. No receipt or after the 28 day good-faith period leaves you with a sorry exchange in the endless cycle of Joni-despair.