How to get someone you don’t fancy to leave you the fuck alone

An expert’s guide

There's nothing worse than when you meet someone on a night out, exchange numbers and then after a few text conversations you're over it. But they're not. They message you constantly and then Snapchat when you don't reply, and have no shame in asking what you're up to three nights in a row with no response.

They won't get the damn message, so how do tell them to leave you the fuck alone when they won't take no for an answer? We asked dating guru, James Preece, who gave us the brutal advice we need to get the message across.

Be cruel to be kind

James says that the best way to let someone know you're not interested is to completely ignore them, AKA ghosting. If someone is being ghosted and doesn't consider it a rejection, they must be delusional.

Sometimes it's tempting to reply if you're bored, as you can easily get affection from them, but James advises you block their number so you're not tempted. Any sign of interest will give them hope. He added they should be removed from your social media accounts too, including Whatsapp so they can't see when you're online. James said: “Take them off your social media accounts and hopefully they'll take the hint. Out of side, out of mind… eventually".

Avoid anything that could be construed as flirtation

If ghosting isn't possible, and you have to see this person face to face, you must avoid talking to them when you can. James told The Tab: “make sure you pay them as little attention as possible".

Think of all the usual behaviours that a relationship expert would advice as a flirtation device, and do the opposite. James advises: “no chit chat, no eye contact and certainly no laughing at their jokes." That should be easy considering you don't actually fancy them.

Flirt with other people in front of them

This “hard to get" behaviour could encourage them further. “People often want what they can't have and will work harder to get it", says James. In this case, more may need to be done.

According to James you should flirt with everyone except the person you are trying to avoid. This will indicate that you are capable of displaying affection, but not towards them.

Discuss your other love interests

Talking about dates you've been on, other people you've got your eye on will show them there's no room for another love interest: look preoccupied.

James says you should “let them overhear you talking about dates you are going on and how well things are progressing… even if they aren't".

Set them up with someone else

If all else fails, and somehow they haven't taken the hint yet, James' advice is to set them up with someone else: “If you give them someone else to obsess over then they'll be off your back."

Just find someone good so they don't try to come back.

If you want any further dating advice, go to James Preeces' website or follow him on Twitter, @jamespreeceguru.

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