Greggs has released a 30 day summer diet plan, as if you needed another excuse to eat Greggs

A steak bake a day keeps the doctor away

I love Greggs and, judging by the prevalence of their outlets across the country, I know I’m not alone. In fact, Greggs is so popular someone in Leeds spent a day eating at every one of the premier pastry retailer’s stores in the city. And it turns out that this kind of behaviour isn’t even bad for you, sort of, because Greggs have revealed a summer nutrition plan. A diet which permits you to eat Greggs three times a day for 30 days and still lose weight.

Their newly launched 30 day step-by-step summer diet plan includes breakfast, lunch and dinner plus a snack, entirely from their menu. It has been named “The Greggs Minimise Me Plan”, and has been created by an independent registered dietician and sports nutritionist, Laura Clark.

Here is, the example menu, in all its Greggsian glory:

If you live near one of the five chosen Greggs delivery areas, you don’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to get your fix. Although, three out of five of these areas are situated in Newcastle (it is the Greggs capital of Great Britain). There are 10.8 of the Geordie bakery stores to every 100,000 people. The other two are in London and Manchester.

As you can see, the menu contains the classic sausage roll. Even an egg breakfast roll and pizza. The more healthier options included are porridge for breakfast and a number of salads for lunch, along with a fruit option as a snack. Many of the plan’s items are from the balanced choice range, which are all under 400 calories, who knew?

Four lucky people got to test out this plan by living off nothing but Greggs for a month. Three women and one man took on the challenge, and between them ended up losing over two stone and 14 inches from their waists in total. And so it turns out that I was actually ahead of the times with visiting Greggs three times a day, that’ll show you mum.