All the trainers that make us feel like fashion has shut its door on us and thrown away the key

Carry on without me

Remember when trainers used to actually be for exercise? Me neither, but now, the multi-billion pound industry has become so huge that people have to camp overnight to probably not even get a pair of Yeezy’s. 

We all love trainers. They’re comfortable, on-trend, practical and, mostly, they look great. But there’s some trainers I just don’t and probably will never get. It used to be all about minimalism, but the new wave of  futuristic, clunky, heavy-duty, air-pocketed monsters are becoming more and more popular every day. And it’s not just the sneaker community loving them, high-fashion has embraced them too. From Balenciaga’s autumn/winter 2017 Triple-S to Kanye West’s Yeezy Runner, they were big at Fashion Week catwalks this year. Apparently, ugliness is the aesthetic trainer statement of 2017, and I’m not ready for it.