How much of a grownup you are, based on the things in your home

Show your mum the results of this quiz to show her you can do life

There are markers in life that you hit, which tell you where you’re at and if you’re on track. For example, passing your exams at school, getting into uni, getting your first job, and so on.

However there is one real tell on how much of an adult you really are, and all the clues live in your home.

Someone once told me you know you’ve ‘made it’ when you have a Jo Malone candle in your house. This particular candle will set you back £300:

Who would buy such a thing? Probably the kind of person who celebrates receiving a candle by popping open a bottle of Laurent Perrier.

Is this a mark of adulthood? Maybe not. But is anyone who is not a proper grownup adult going to be owning one of these? Definitely not.

Take our quiz to find out where you’re ‘at’ in life, based on the things you have in your home.