The Rich Kids of Instagram, ranked by how much they sponge off their parents

Because a part-time job won’t coat your Mercedes in Swarovski


This week, the Daily Mail ran a double-page spread on the “Rich Kids of Instagram” – the much-maligned 20-somethings who splash their millions on social media for everyone to see.

For every Cartier-laden selfie and Veuve-soaked group shot, a number of questions are raised. “How do I become their friend?” is usually the first. “But are they really happy?” is probably the second, pondered thoughtfully into the middle distance.

The third, though, is probably the most potent. How much, just how much, of that money did they leech off their parents like the bloodthirsty gold-plated parasites they are?

We scrolled through a choice few Instagrams to work out just how much the rich kids of instagram borrow from the bank of mum and dad.

Emir Bahadir (@emirbahadir)

When your name literally means “Prince,” it’s probably hard to stay grounded. Luckily Emir has stayed humble despite his wealthy Turkish real estate background, preferring to spend his time doing normal everyman things like going to the gym.

It’s worth noting that Emir spoke out against his brokerage partner’s “nonstop partying and reckless spending” in June, despite having flown 40 of his closest friends and a Saudi princess to a private island in Turkey for his 24th birthday last year.

What are his hobbies?

Judging from his account, Emir is a fan of flashing his immaculately pruned chest hair and ramping up the sharpness, warmth and saturation to 100 on every picture he’s ever taken.

Also, you know, yachts and private jets and cashmere rollneck jumpers.

How much of a sponge is he?

In his defence, he does have a job as a broker, but we can’t help but feel he’s just a little bit White Goodman.

Daria Radionova (@dradionova)

Daria keeps her background shady, admitting only that her parents are “business people” from Moldova. She isn’t so shy of the limelight, though, judging on the fact she had her Mercedes covered with ONE MILLION FUCKING SWAROVSKI CRYSTALS.

What are her hobbies?

GOOOOOOOOOOOLD. She loves gold. The taste of it, the smell of it, the texture. If it ain’t gold, our Daria isn’t having any of it.

How much of a sponge is she?

Props to her for auctioning off the car and giving the money to charity, but when £20,000 worth of gems to stick on your Merc is seen as a viable gift then you’re probably veering into sponge territory.

Sure you do.

Nicky Kaufman (@nichazoid)

If you’re looking for a quintessential rich kid on Instagram, Nicky ticks all the boxes. Aggressively tasteless jewellery? Check. More bottles of bubbly than you could shake a Rolex at? Check.

Crassly edited photos which make you think, “Christ, if I was this rich I’d make my Instagram so much more tasteful”? Double check.

What are his hobbies?

Champagne, fancy dress, bathing, fur coats, bathing with champagne.

How much of a sponge is he?

Imagine going on holiday with your parents and trying to smuggle this into the hand luggage.

Yep, Nicky is as big a sponge as they come.

Alexandra Dmitrieva (@al_dmi3)

When you have eight siblings to compete with, you have to try and stand out – something which Alexandra has taken to heart.

Expect to see her lounging about on beaches, getting up close with celebrities, and flashing huge wads of cash which could literally buy your flat and everything in it 20 times over.

What are her hobbies?

Pouting in front of the ocean. Pouting in front of a swimming pool. Pouting in front of Big Ben. Pouting in front of Las Vegas hotels. You get the picture. Rich kids of instagram things.

How much of a sponge is she?

She’s a giant sponge, but don’t tell her father. He looks like he’d bludgeon you to death with that solid gold trophy.

Mark-Francis Vandelli (@markvandelli)

Hey, that’s Mark-Francis from Made In Chelsea!

Fans will be familiar with Mr Vandelli Orlov-Romanovsky, the poison-tongued son of a millionaire heiress who spends most of his time rolling his eyes and and dispensing withering putdowns.

His Instagram is even more luxuriant than he is, featuring palatial landscapes and plenty of pouting pictures with partner-in-crime Victoria Baker-Harber.

What are his hobbies?

Viewers of the show will know he’s into his antiques, his gardening, and generally judging everyone else for their decisions. A choice quote: “Do you know what I find ghastly? People who jog in public.”

How much of a sponge is he?

To be honest he’s probably got his own company or something – after all, he’s…

Wait, what? He’s 26? Fuck. I would have said at least 40.

Julia Stakhiva (@juliastakhiva)

The daughter of a couple of Ukrainian billionaires, Julia spends most of her time at her sumptuous pad in Mayfair – even though she does admit she flies to Moscow to get her hair done.

In an interview on This Morning earlier this year, she admitted she only realised “not everyone could afford designer bags and shoes” when she started studying at Regent’s University in London.

Which makes us think she’s probably not a cheesy chips kind of gal.

What are her hobbies?

When she isn’t crossing roads in fancy outfits, Julia enjoys strolling through hotel lobbies in fancy outfits and posing next to supercars, in fancy outfits. She is all of us, really.

How much of a sponge is she?

The biggest of them all – Julia was given her first designer handbag when she was nine years old, and has gone from strength to strength ever since: the queen of rich kids of instagram.

She says she “didn’t choose to be rich,” though, so you’ve got to feel a little sorry for her, and all of the other rich kids of instagram.