How to nail a girls’ night out in York

Oh yes it’s ladies night, and the feeling’s right


The ideal girls’ night out in York is a true art form. We might be small, sure, but boy do we know how to turn up when we want to.


You’ve probably already pre-drunk at home while getting ready with the girls, but you can’t go straight to the clubs just yet. It wouldn’t be a girls night without cocktails so start your night off at the Slug and Lettuce on Swinegate.

After taking advantage of the 2-4-1 cocktail offer, head to Bora Bora which make some of the most delicious cocktails in York. It’s just across the way from Slug and Lettuce, to the side and down a little side street.

This bar might be tiny but the atmosphere is amazing, sitting outside sipping cocktails here will have you feeling as if you’re on holiday. If you can possibly handle anymore cocktails  (of course you can), nip round the corner to the Evil Eye Lounge on Stonegate. Evil Eye has a laid back bohemian vibe to it and the bartenders really care about their craft. This means each cocktail on the very extensive cocktail menu is made to absolute perfection.

In the club

Now you’re boozy and ready to get shapey on the dancefloor, and also start screeching Katy Perry lyrics at the top of your lungs, it’s time to hit the clubs. There’s not much choice club-wise in York, Revs is great for pulling poses for the camera, or you can choose between Salvation or Kuda.

Salvation is a sticky mess and always a good night, however, your best bets Kuda as it’s nearer and you don’t want to be walking too far in heels on the cobbles. With five bars you’ll never be far from a beverage, so get on the shots and hit the dancefloor.

shots, shots, shots

Your time in the club will be spent going in a circuit from the bathroom to the bar to the dancefloor, it’s a never ending circle but it’s your routine and you love it. Someone will insist on cramming into the tiki camper van for a squad selfie, despite the fact you do that EVERY time you go to Kuda.

While someone else will be on the prowl for the club photographer, because they need a new cover photo, and they will tell you this a thousand and one times over.

‘This is so going to be my new cover photo’

Back in the good old days, at the end of the night you would have headed to Willow (why did it have to close? why?!) but now you might as well head to Pop World and all squeeze onto the revolving dance floor. Your mates will complain it’s too small to be classed as a dancefloor, but you’re drunk so it will feel like most exciting thing in the world. Trust me, you and your gal pals will be having a wild time.

Home time

Now it’s 4am, you’ve managed to shake off that weird guy you got talking to, and you’re way too drunk and you’ve got the munch. You also need to sober up Becky who’s not going to be accepted by any taxi driver with an ounce of sense.

Well, you’re in luck because York is graced with a 24 hour McDonald’s. So have a carbohydrate refuel and rest your weary feet (those cobbles are a bitch) before you trundle off in search of a taxi to take you home. The group chat will be on fire in the morning.